Melissa Adams

Melissa Adams

Client Coordinator

Melissa Adams, Client Coordinator, is a charismatic optimist by nature. She is a sweet person who has endeared herself to all of us.

Melissa has a BA in Political Science from ASU. An honor roll student in high school, she also made the Dean’s List in college. Beautiful inside and out, Melissa is a classical pianist with 15 years’ experience. She teaches piano here in the Valley to children ages 4-15. (This may have some bearing on her 95+ wpm typing speed.)

At her happiest helping others, you can count on Melissa to lend a hand whenever possible. She has an aura of kindness about her. Clients appreciate how intently she listens to what they have to say. And how she validates their concerns by providing answers that move them toward their goals.

Melissa enjoys a good laugh, too. On the toughest days, you can count on her to lift your spirits. “I appreciate the little things in life,” says this former figure skater with a smile. “A good cup of coffee, finding the last shirt in stock in my size. The tiniest surprises bring joy.”

As a pianist, Melissa has performed at many venues. One time she showed to the wrong address for an event. It was serendipity. She got to meet Rick Ross the Maybach Music CEO. “It was completely by accident, but great fun.”

Fearless on stage or runway, Melissa modeled in a few fashion shows across the Midwest with 10 Management and West (commercial and e-com). “I absolutely love fashion and styling!” She’s also very fond of Karaoke.

Melissa enjoys creative writing and pop culture commentary. Although an avid reader, she confesses one guilty pleasure – Rom-Com novels. (We forgive you!) She enjoys cooking and baking and “sharing my recipes with friends.”

When selecting a movie to watch, Melissa typically goes back in time. Her favorite films are Endless Love and The Outsiders. As for her favorite TV show, it was Parks and Recreation that inspired her to volunteer years later as campaign manager in the 2019 Rockwood School District election.


    • BA in Political Science, ASU