Briana Rose | Paralegal

Briana Rose


Briana is known for her impressive academic background, unique experiences, and passion for her work. Born with a sharp intuition and a love for literature, she embarked on a journey that led her to the legal field.

Briana’s academic achievements are worth celebrating. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in English literature a year ahead of schedule in 2020, although her prize for this accomplishment turned out to be the unexpected arrival of the COVID pandemic, which deprived her of the ceremonial graduation experience. Undeterred, she went on to obtain her paralegal certificate, solidifying her commitment to pursuing a career in law.

As the first person in her family to graduate from college, Briana made her mom exceptionally proud. Her determination and early entry into community college while still in high school set the foundation for her success. These milestones in her educational journey have shaped her into a tenacious and driven professional.

One of Briana’s intriguing attributes is her self-proclaimed psychic abilities. Gifted with strong intuition, she often finds herself in situations where she can predict outcomes or anticipate the needs of her attorney before they even arise. Being one or two steps ahead of others is a skill she embraces, sometimes to the amusement and astonishment of those around her.

Beyond her legal prowess, Briana is actively involved in her community. She has a profound love for animals, particularly dogs, and often lends a helping hand by dog sitting for friends and family. Her passion for animals is an extension of her caring and compassionate nature.

When she’s not busy with work, Briana enjoys attending concerts with her close-knit group of friends. They share laughter and create memories while engaging in various activities like savoring espresso martinis, enjoying cozy girls’ nights in, and embarking on exhilarating summer adventures like tubing down the river. Her friends help her break free from her comfort zone and make life all the more enjoyable.

In terms of entertainment, Briana is a devoted Harry Potter fan, proudly displaying her allegiance with a license plate that reads “Hogwarts Alumni.” She finds solace in the magical world J.K. Rowling created. Additionally, her favorite artist is Selena Gomez, whom she has seen live in concert twice. Briana’s most cherished memory is when she met Selena backstage and filmed an Instagram video together, proclaiming themselves best friends. She cherishes this experience and loves to share this fun fact about herself.

Around the office, Briana is well-regarded for her eagerness to learn and her willingness to lend a helping hand. She approaches her work with a sense of humor, and her contagious laughter often uplifts the spirits of those around her. Colleagues appreciate her positive attitude and dedication to continuously expanding her knowledge.


What truly sets Briana apart is her personal history and the resilience she developed through her own experiences. Growing up, she encountered many challenges commonly seen in family law cases. Her background has given her a unique ability to connect with clients on a deeper level, understanding their struggles, and providing empathetic support. Clients appreciate her ability to relate and her commitment to achieving the best outcomes for them.


    • Paralegal Certification


    • B.A. – English Literature