Alan Garcia | Client Coordinator

Alan Garcia

Client Coordinator

Alan Garcia brings a unique blend of creativity and professionalism honed through his academic and professional journey. Armed with a Cinematography Degree from the esteemed Film Study Center in Guadalajara, Alan’s educational pursuits have been marked by notable achievements, including the creation of two acclaimed short documentaries. These projects not only garnered multiple nominations but also secured two prestigious wins, showcasing Alan’s talent and dedication to his craft.

While Alan’s professional life boasts significant accomplishments, he is also known for his adventurous spirit and willingness to explore new experiences. Although he humorously admits to a lack of standout bizarre encounters, he remains steadfast in his determination to seek out unique and memorable moments in both his personal and professional life.

Community engagement has long been a cornerstone of Alan’s endeavors, with his customer service roles spanning various industries such as banking and real estate. Through these experiences, he has developed a deep appreciation for connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and understanding their needs.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Alan’s interests are as diverse as they are engaging. A connoisseur of the arts, he enjoys immersing himself in conversations with culturally rich individuals and exploring the vibrant tapestry of human experience. Whether it’s painting, reading scripts, or venturing out to discover new locales, Alan’s curiosity and passion for exploration know no bounds.

In his downtime, Alan indulges in his love for cinema and television, with favorites ranging from the thought-provoking brilliance of Yorgos Lanthimos’ “Poor Things” to the gripping narrative of “Breaking Bad.” His appreciation for Italian cuisine mirrors his discerning taste in film, further enriching his multifaceted personality.

Despite his initial demeanor of reserve, Alan’s colleagues quickly come to appreciate his quirky sense of humor and genuine warmth once acquainted. In the legal arena, Alan’s commitment to continuous improvement and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction set him apart as a trusted and invaluable asset.


    • Cinematography Degree – Film Study Center, Guadalajara