E-Divorce Course


  • Prepare Your Complete Financial Picture
  • Take Precautions to Protect Your Privacy and Security
  • Setup Your Own Bank Account
  • Prepare an Inventory of All Your Property
  • Prepare Your Contact List of Important People
  • Marital Residence – Don’t Leave if You Want to Stay

You may have many reasons for ending your marriage and have probably been through a lot. But whatever brought you to this point now is not the time for impulsiveness. You need to control your emotions. Now is the time for calm, thoughtful, and rational planning. To get the results you hope for in your divorce, you need a balanced frame of mind. To maintain that balance, you need to take precautions to minimize the impact of any emotional suffering stemming from your divorce, and is why we have designed an E-Divorce course.

This E-Divorce course will help you prepare and plan for what you must do, especially while you still have ready access to the family home, financial documents, records, and files. We offer a structured approach to divorce that provides clarity, certainty, and finality. Our family law attorneys understand that the divorce process is a time for clients to reflect, to learn who they are and what they want, to set long-term goals, and to grow into a new chapter in their lives.

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Attorney Scott David Stewart


The Stewart Law Group was started with a single focus on the client and their experience dealing with difficult emotional legal matters. The firm has successfully earned the trust and respect of the more than 1,000 clients in cases ranging from simple marital dissolutions to complex property division, child custody, parental visitation, and child relocation disputes.   Learn more: Attorney Profile Page

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