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Our dedicated team of Phoenix divorce lawyers takes a personalized approach to every case. Any family law solution involves careful consideration of your unique circumstances. When we take your case, your attorney will invest the time necessary to really learn about you and your concerns, about your family and their needs, and about your financial situation.

We will listen to you and discuss your goals. We want to know what you envision for your life in the next two, three, or five years. We will then strategize and develop legal solutions to resolve all property, child custody, visitation, and support issues with the best potential for results that are favorable to you and your children.

Every case accepted receives personal attention, careful meticulous preparation, skilled negotiation, and aggressive litigation. We will achieve the best possible solutions for you and protect your marital assets. We are here to help you get through this difficult time while working aggressively on your behalf and on behalf of your family.

Navigating Family Law in Arizona

Sometimes the working bustle of Phoenician life in the Valley is hectic. But you would be hard-pressed to find another community in the Southwest with the educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities for families that our capital city offers. The open-air Civic Space Park downtown, a day at Aji Spa at Wild Horse Pass, an afternoon at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West, or an evening with the Ballet Arizona at the Orpheum Theatre, to name only a few.

But when marital problems turn toward thoughts of divorce, frequenting area events with your family and finding time to relax may become increasingly difficult. Perhaps you promised your oldest son you’d visit the Arizona Science Center on Washington Street before the summer was over, only to disappoint him once again because of scheduling conflicts with your spouse. Maybe you already purchased season tickets to the Herberger Theatre for your family, wondering how you’ll explain away the awkwardness of your spouse’s absence. Do you find yourself walking and looking, but not seeing, the artists’ exhibits along Central Avenue on Artlink First Friday? Are you disengaged from what you are doing because of unmanageable stress in your marriage? When your spouse took the children to the Desert Botanical Gardens, did you panic when they returned an hour late? If you are contemplating a divorce, or if your spouse has already served you with court papers, then you need the advice and representation of an experienced Phoenix divorce lawyer. Your future depends in many ways on the decisions you must now make.

Effective, High Quality Divorce and Family Law Services with Dedicated Personal Attention

With Stewart Law Group, when the unexpected happens, our experienced divorce lawyers in Phoenix provide the quality, professional legal assistance you need and deserve. We will protect you and fully exercise your rights and the rights of your children.

For many years, our Phoenix divorce attorneys have successfully represented clients in the greater Phoenix area and its neighboring communities including Scottsdale, Chandler, Glendale, Mesa and Peoria. When we work for you, we will very quickly identify key legal issues and develop the legal strategy best suited to achieving a positive outcome in your case. By applying our well-honed skills to your situation, we can protect your rights and help you make a successful transition to your new life.

Simple and Complex Divorce Cases

Whatever your circumstances may be, we know that your future depends greatly on the outcome we achieve for you. You can trust Stewart Law Group to aggressively and diligently protect your rights to obtain a positive resolution of the outstanding issues in your divorce and family law case.

Our legal team handles all types of divorce cases, ranging from uncontested simple divorces to those with complicated contested issues and domestic violence. We are also recognized for our experience in the area of complex property division involving extensive assets and ownership of closely-held businesses.

Arizona’s Marriage and Divorce Rate

Source: CDC/NCHS, National Vital Statistics System

Phoenix Divorce Attorneys You Can Trust

Our firm’s founder, Scott David Stewart, is AV Rated by Martindale Hubbell®. Every attorney at Stewart Law Group is dedicated to carrying out the firm’s mission and upholding the firm’s reputation for excellence in the practice of family law.

While a divorce decree marks the end of a marriage, it also marks the beginning of your new life. While the future is never certain, a fair and workable resolution of the issues in your divorce lays the groundwork for a successful transition to the next stage of your life. Stewart Law Group stands by you all the way – counseling you, representing you in court and protecting your rights.

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Each divorce attorney with Stewart Law Group, will help you avoid counter-productive actions that can make a successful resolution more difficult, time-consuming, or costly. Call us at 602-548-3400 or send us an email today to schedule a confidential consultation at our Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Glendale, Mesa or Peoria office location.

Whether or not you should dissolve your marriage may be one of the most important and difficult decisions you will ever face. Take time to reflect and process. Separation and divorce is a major life change and a serious legal process. There are serious issues that you need to consider when contemplating divorce. Your future depends upon your ability to think rationally and strategically about this life-changing period in your life. Whatever has led you to the threshold of divorce, once you’ve made the decision to end your marriage, you must prepare yourself for what lies ahead in a reasoned and thoughtful manner. Our Phoenix divorce attorneys have put together a list of things that you may or may not have to consider when filing for divorce in Arizona:

When Thinking about the Children, Custody, and Support

  • Who will the children live with?
  • Will there be shared child custody? Do you want full custody?
  • If they live with your spouse, how often will you be able to visit them? How often will they be able to stay overnight with you?
  • How will you and your ex-spouse make decisions about the children, such as their health, education, religion, and welfare?
  • Who pays for the children’s living expenses? Their education? Their travel?
  • Try our child support calculator here.

ASU’s Family Law Research guide has more information about divorce, child custody and support in Arizona. The Arizona Judical Branch has a historical repository of divorce and child custody guidelines.

Regarding Spousal Maintenance and Child Support

  • Will you receive spousal support or need to pay it? How much and for how long?
  • If financial circumstances change significantly for you or your spouse, will support be increased or decreased?
  • Who will be entitled to claim the children as exemptions for income tax purposes?

About Property Division and Your Home

  • What property is community property and subject to equitable division?
  • How will marital assets and debts be valued and divided?
  • Who will live in the marital home during the divorce process?
  • Will one of the spouses keep the marital home or will it be sold? And if sold, how will the proceeds be divided?

About Insurance and Income Taxes

  • Will you keep life insurance for the benefit of your children?
  • Will either party be obligated to provide medical or other insurance for the benefit of the other spouse or children? For how long?
  • Who will be responsible for paying medical, dental, drug, or hospital expenses for the children when not covered or reimbursed by insurance?
  • Who will receive any tax refund currently due on a past joint income tax return?
  • If there is a deficiency on a past joint income tax return, who will be responsible for paying the tax, interest, and penalties?
  • If you file joint income tax returns for the current year, who will be responsible for paying any taxes due? Who will be entitled to receive any tax refund?

3 Tips to Keeping Your Life on Track Before, During and After Divorce

1. Remember that knowledge is power. Don’t hide your head in the sand and hope you’ll wake up one day and it will all be over. Ask questions, read, study, and make use of our website to stay on top of what you need to know to make good decisions. Use the tools available to you to educate yourself about everything involved in the divorce process.

2. Remember that you’re in control. No one understands your goals and aspirations better than you do. Make sure you consistently voice your needs, concerns, and objectives so that you remain in charge of your life’s direction.

3. Remember that every decision you make in your divorce is a personal decision. As difficult as it may be from time to time, you must keep your emotions at bay and concentrate on allocating marital assets and debts, working through child support, establishing any spousal maintenance, and so on.

Remember, the choice you make in hiring a Phoenix divorce attorney can greatly impact the outcome of your divorce proceedings. Contact our firm today at 602-548-3400.

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