Sophia Dewberry | Paralegal

Sophia Dewberry


Paralegal Sophia Dewberry floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee. Ok, not really. But she did meet Muhammad Ali and his wife, Lonnie, between their connecting flights. Sophia was working for a major airline at the time. “Meeting ‘The Greatest’ was pretty awesome,” she says. “They were very kind and inviting while I sat with them.”

Sophia graduated from Georgia State University with a BS in Psychology. She went on to earn her Paralegal Certificate from Phoenix College (2016) and became a NALA Certified Paralegal (2017). Energetic, funny, and enthusiastic, Sophia will go the extra mile to “Get ‘er done!”

The way Sophia sees it, “People are not interested in how much you know until they know how much you care.” Compassionate and generous with her time, she makes a point of connecting with clients on a personal level. This is so she can better assist them and provide top-notch customer service.

Sophia’s mother was her biggest ally, offering encouraging words to her as the oldest daughter. “My Mom would say – ‘When they say No, you keep asking until you get your Yes, baby.” That piece of motherly advice has “served me well,” says Sophia. Mom knew when Sophia set her mind to something, she wouldn’t stop until it came to fruition. Raising a daughter of her own now, Sophia has ample opportunity to share her wisdom.

One thing Sophia set her mind to is freelance writing. A few of her articles have been published in East Valley magazines. What’s next? “I’m tossing around ideas to pen my first novel!” They say writing well requires reading much. No surprise that Sophia is also an avid reader.

Sophia believes in giving back to the community and thrives on helping others. She volunteers for various non-profit organizations, churches and, of course, at her daughter’s school.

There are many favorites in Sophia’s life. Favorite outdoor activity? “Hiking.” Favorite movie? “Forrest Gump.” Favorite TV show? “The Equalizer.” Favorite sport? “I’m a huge NBA/WNBA fan!” Favorite cuisine? “Definitely Italian – fettuccine anything and bread with everything.”

In November 2021, she went skydiving for the first time and loved it. “Maybe I’ll add Skydiving Instructor to my resume,” she laughs, “but only after I hang up my paralegal hat.” When Sophia puts her mind to something, she makes it happen.


    • BS in Psychology, Georgia State University
    • Paralegal Certificate, Phoenix College (2016)
    • NALA Certified Paralegal (2017)