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About Stewart Law Group

Client focused. Results-oriented. Team spirited. Professional integrity.

Stewart Law Group has been serving clients in greater Phoenix since 2004. With over 100 years of combined professional experience, our legal team provides the courtroom advantage our clients expect and deserve.

Divorce and Family Law

All the work our Phoenix family law attorneys do revolves around family and close relationships. An attorney with Stewart Law Group can represent you in divorce, child custody determination, or other important family law matter. 

Are You Someone We Can Help?

We represent clients inside and outside the courtroom in legal decision-making and parenting time determinations and post-decree custody modifications. We assist with child support establishment and modification cases. With settlement negotiation or collaborative divorce in Arizona. With parent relocation and military divorce issues. With paternity establishment, third-party visitation, and grandparent visitation.  

What to Expect from Stewart Law Group

Expect the highest quality representation from our legal team. With our careful guidance, you will begin making substantive plans for a better tomorrow. We have your legal needs covered, whether you are a new parent or mature spouse with adult children. Whether you hope to protect wealth for your family’s future, discuss the legal and practical pros and cons of a prenuptial agreement, or have a trustee or conservator appointed for an elderly parent. It’s what we do.

Unique Representation

You want individualized representation. Life circumstances, goals, objectives, expectations, desires, needs – these are all uniquely yours. We respect your individuality and what you hope to achieve for yourself and your loved ones. Our client-focused representation will be precisely tailored to your legal situation. There is no place for boilerplate representation at Stewart Law Group. In facilitating the case, your Chandler family attorney will navigate the court system with everything that entails. From the initial filing to final resolution by settlement or trial, including appeal when necessary.

Strategic Representation

You want an action plan with the greatest likelihood of success. Our results oriented-team will help you develop a legal strategy that resolves all outstanding issues in the most favorable manner possible. We will apply our talents, experience, and extensive resources to advance your specific goals given the circumstances and applicable law in your case. Victory requires meticulous preparation, something we are well known for. Because no Scottsdale family attorney can guarantee the judge will rule favorably or the other party will settle, we thoroughly prepare for every contingency.

Reasonable Fees, Extensive Resources

You want superb legal representation for a reasonable fee. Rely on our professional integrity to never waste client resources. Our transparent rate structure allows you to anticipate what your legal expenses will be at each and every step in the process. Will legal decision-making require a child custody evaluation? Will spousal maintenance involve a rehabilitation expert? Will a psychiatric evaluation be needed? Will complex assets need an expert valuation? You will be able to anticipate fees and costs so you can commit to a realistic legal strategy with your attorney. This will be true with every issue you face as the spouse in a divorce. As the parent seeking a modified parenting plan. As the principal of a Last Will or Trust Declaration. Or as the heir-devisee-beneficiary in a contested probate proceeding.

Technological Representation

You want access to your Peoria family lawyer and case information on your schedule. Stewart Law Group implements the best case management systems technology offers. Truth is, we’re really into it. Put our team spirit for success and outstanding customer service to work for you. By leveraging technology, we provide you with easy-to-manage tools intended to remove barriers, improve access, and enhance communication with attorneys and staff. We make it easy for you to stay fully engaged as your case progresses. You will get updates on scheduling, court filings, deadlines, orders, notices, and any important changes. By running a tight ship, we achieve the best possible results for every client. You will never be overlooked, slighted, or left in a lurch without information.

Why Choose Stewart Law Group to Represent You?

The answer is simple. Our experience. Our integrity. Our success rate. Our reputation. Our dedication to helping Arizona families. Serving Maricopa County, Pinal County, and all of Arizona, the divorce lawyers & family law attorneys at Stewart Law Group are standing by to help you.