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Attorneys with the Stewart Law Group provide exceptional, compassionate legal representation to our clients, many of whom live in Glendale, Arizona. We would like to help you, too. Our main law practice areas are:

  • Family law and divorce;
  • Estate planning and probate; and
  • DUI defense and general criminal defense.

If unsure about what to do next, then give us a call at 623-815-4700 so we can talk. Or you can email your question to us at You do not need to face legal challenges alone.

Divorce and Family Law Practice in Glendale

For more than a decade, our divorce attorneys have been representing clients in Glendale. We are known for our professionalism, preparation, diligence, and the positive results we obtain for spouses in divorce and child custody proceedings. No law firm can guarantee a particular outcome, which is for the judge to decide. But we always strive to obtain the best results possible for the parties we represent.

Family Law Attorney Glendale AZ

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Our Glendale legal team has guided clients through virtually every family law issue: divorce and military divorce, property division (both marital assets and debts), child custody, child support and spousal maintenance. No matter how distant the parties’ positions appear to be on key issues, we put our negotiating skills and trial advocacy experience to work for our clients’ best interests.

Not knowing what to expect with divorce can cause extreme anxiety. That’s understandable. How can anyone make confident decisions when filled with uncertainty? For instance, attempting to reach agreement on a permanent parenting plan that is in the children’s best interests. What really is best for the kids? Talk to a knowledgeable family lawyer and hire the law firm you can trust. Be confident knowing the legal guidance you depend upon will be timely, accurate, and trustworthy.

Like most parents we represent in divorce, you have worries. Will you stay or leave the marital home? Does moving mean de-enrolling your children from the Glendale School District? Will you enjoy a close, meaningful relationship with your children? What will family reunions at Sahuaro Ranch Park be like a few years from now?

Your parental concerns are reasonable. Learn what options could work well for your family. Learn how community property is divided in Arizona law and whether the marital home must be sold (it may not be necessary). Find out to what extent spousal maintenance, if awarded, could impact monthly income and the tax consequences. Get answers so you can make informed decisions.

Estate Planning Attorney in Glendale

The estate planning attorneys at our Glendale law office location have broad experience preparing living trusts, Last Wills and Testaments, powers of attorney, business succession plans, living wills, and other estate plan documents. An experienced attorney can discuss the ins-and-outs of tax avoidance planning, too, should that be an objective for your personalized estate plan.

Glendale families have been represented by our probate attorneys for many years, and with very positive results. All probate proceedings are heard in the Superior Court. (Non-probate matters may be heard in Glendale City Court or Maricopa County Superior Court, depending upon the type of case.) Probate matters include administering decedents’ estates, guardianship and conservatorship proceedings, and allegations of breach of fiduciary duty, among other things.

With decedents’ estates, probate is testate or intestate and formal or informal. When the person died without a Will, for instance, disputes over appointment of a personal representative, rights of inheritance, valuation of assets, and final accounting and disposition of the decedent’s estate may require formal judicial oversight.

Attorneys with Stewart Law Group are capable seeing beyond the written instrument, into the probable outcome should someone challenge the estate plan in court. (For example, by a disinherited adult child may challenge the decedent’s Will or trust.) Knowledgeable estate planning attorneys include appropriate safeguards. This duality of experience, being proficient in probate practice and in drafting original estate plans, is very important to our Glendale clients. Every member of our legal team is dedicated to providing real-life solutions. Solutions designed to protect our clients’ rights while achieving their goals and expectations as best we can.

DUI Defense and General Criminal Defense

No criminal charge should be shrugged off as inconsequential. Convictions have consequences. With misdemeanor DUIs, for instance, Arizona has some of the toughest laws on the books. What began as an evening at the University of Phoenix Stadium watching the Cardinals play football, could end with an arrest for driving under the influence.

Most people are familiar with the direct consequences of a criminal conviction: time in jail or prison, restitution, community service, criminal fines, and probation. The collateral consequences of conviction can also ruin lifestyle and opportunity. To begin, jail time could result in job loss, depending upon the employer and the seriousness of the offense. A suspended driver’s license can mean fewer job opportunities, too.

Consider the potential collateral consequences of a class 1 misdemeanor DUI. Losing one’s professional license. Having one’s driver’s license suspended or revoked. Disenfranchisement (a citizen losing the right to vote) and being prohibited from possessing a firearm. Misdemeanor DUI is no trivial matter.

There may be societal consequences, too. Damage to personal relationships as a fall-out of arrest or conviction. The spouse convicted of a class 6 felony DUI may be serving a six-month sentence in the Maricopa County Jail. He or she has lost all freedom to be with family and friends. Relationships suffer. Already separated by a prison gate, the other spouse may file for divorce. And seek sole legal decision-making with only supervised visitation for the incarcerated parent.

If already under child custody orders, then the parent’s conviction could form the basis for modified custody. Why would a child custody evaluator (usually a psychologist) support legal decision-making authority for the parent with a felony conviction? Without intelligent legal representation from an attorney who understands both the criminal strategy and the potential family law consequences of conviction, the case for equal parenting is a very difficult one to make.

If arrested in Glendale and charged with a misdemeanor, then the arraignment may be in the Glendale City Court. Glendale’s municipal court shares jurisdiction over misdemeanor criminal cases with the Superior Court in Maricopa County. Glendale City Court has no jurisdiction over felonies. Our criminal defense team has experience trying cases in both forums and are fully prepared for various judges’ courtroom preferences and implementation of local rules of court.

Take note. Our defense attorneys are all former prosecutors and public defenders. They appreciate the scope of State power in the criminal case and have proven strategies to increase the likelihood of early dismissal or reduced charges.

With their courtroom experience, members of our defense team are known for their superb negotiating skills. Plea bargaining is a legitimate phase of the criminal process. By way of example only, defense counsel could negotiate dismissal of a theft charge or reduction of a class 6 felony to a class 1 misdemeanor. Effective negotiations are a sign of strength, not weakness.

When no plea agreement is acceptable to the client, we vigorously, zealously defend against the charges at trial. By presenting the case that has the best opportunity of preventing the prosecution from proving each individual element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

If the client is convicted despite best efforts, then defense counsel advocates for the least onerous sentencing terms possible. For probation instead of incarceration. For a 60-day jail sentence instead of a six-month jail sentence. By offering mitigating circumstances, reasons for why punishment should be less severe than the maximum recommended penalty.

The defendant has the right to appeal the conviction. If the case is appealed to the Arizona Court of Appeals, then a defense attorney with the Stewart Law Group will see the case through. We are always there. Always strategizing. Always ready to follow through with what is best for our clients.

Putting Clients First

Whether you have a probate or estate planning matter; a divorce or child custody establishment or modification; or a criminal charge alleging a violation of Glendale ordinance, Arizona law, or U.S. statutory offense, we are right here in Glendale, ready to listen. We will help you avoid counter-productive actions that make successful resolution difficult, time-consuming, and more costly. We can help you achieve your objectives with information, options, guidance, and strong legal advocacy.

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