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How fortunate for Arizonans to live and work in the Town of Gilbert. To raise families here, operate businesses here, retire here. The Stewart Law Group knows the people of Gilbert well. For over a decade, our attorneys have been representing residents in Gilbert, that thriving community with the small-town charm we love.

Practice Areas for Gilbert Clients

In Arizona, generally every reputable law firm will focus on specific areas of practice. For Stewart Law Group, those practice areas are:

  • Family law and divorce representation
  • Estate planning and probate representation
  • DUI defense and general criminal defense representation

Where to Start

Are you searching for an attorney in Gilbert to answer your questions about a pending legal matter? When you need answers now, call us at 480-409-0440 to schedule a confidential consultation. If preferable, open up a dialogue with us by emailing your question to info@arizonalawgroup.com. You won’t have to wait long for us to get back to you (typically within 24 hours). Another option is to post the question anonymously to our online Ask a Lawyer service – a licensed Arizona attorney will post an answer. (You may even find that someone had the same question, so the attorney’s answer is already there!)

Divorce and Family Law Representation in Gilbert

A decision to divorce creeps up slowly on some couples. Many split amicably, although seldom is divorce easy. Other spouses are blind-sided by news that their marriage is over.

Do you worry that divorce could mean giving up your home? Will the children need to change school districts? Will relocation out of state be necessary in order to find a better paying job? If you stay, will refinancing the Bella Vista house be possible? These are legitimate, difficult questions.

If contemplating separation or already engaged in a pending divorce, then it is essential that you have an attorney represent you from the very beginning. To a great extent, a positive final outcome depends upon the actions taken and the decisions made in the earliest stages of the dissolution process. That really is true for virtually everyone facing divorce.

When disputes over legal decision-making authority and parenting time, spousal maintenance (alimony), and the division of property need resolving, our Gilbert, Arizona, divorce attorneys negotiate the issues on their clients’ behalf. Separation agreements in divorce are not a rarity, by any stretch of the imagination. Mediation through conciliation services, or a private mediator, is often utilized to resolve domestic conflicts without trial. With assistance from their attorneys, spouses are often able to negotiate lasting agreements. However, when settlements are not forthcoming or negotiations fail, for whatever reasons, our divorce attorneys litigate their clients’ cases forcefully and persuasively.

Our family law cases range from simple divorce with modest assets, to complex property divisions with contested child custody proceedings, to military divorces actions. Attorney Scott David Stewart, the law firm’s founder, believes in developing workable solutions that protect the rights of clients, while enabling them to move forward in the most positive way possible. The legal team at Stewart Law Group also wants this for you and your family.

Gilbert Estate Planning and Probate Attorney

Estate planning usually begins with a discussion about a Last Will and Testament. Nothing can bring back fond memories faster than reflecting on family, children, grandchildren, and those who have already passed on. Remember when the kids played Little League baseball? When they had that great day at Big League Dreams Sports Park? To prepare for their future and yours, talk to a lawyer.

The attorney with whom you meet initially at our Gilbert office location is very knowledgeable with substantial courtroom experience before probate judges in the Superior Court. The attorney at the initial consultation will also be the professional who represents you. This way, you can immediately begin a productive dialogue and start developing trust in an important, privileged attorney-client relationship. Our lawyers have dedicated their lives to their profession. They are recognized as being among the very best legal minds in the greater Phoenix area.

Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney in Gilbert

Was it only a week ago that you and your spouse enjoyed an evening stroll through Water Ranch Riparian Preserve? It’s pure enjoyment, watching your child dance along the trails between ponds and wetlands. But then the worst thing happened. The drive home after celebrating a promotion with friends, complete with champagne toasts, ended with the lights and siren of a Glendale Police patrol car. Arrested for DUI, booked, and jailed with a BAC above the legal limit. What happens next? Is this a second or third offense? Did you violate probation?

Misdemeanor charges could be brought in Gilbert Municipal Court or in the Superior Court in Maricopa County. Immediately exercise the right to be represented by a criminal defense attorney. The potential impact on lifestyle alone is worth getting an aggressive legal advocate defending your freedom. That includes having an attorney for pre-charge representation.

No criminal charge should be shrugged off as inconsequential. Nor should anyone fall into a self-defeating trap, believing there is no hope anyway. You owe it to yourself and the people who care about you to exercise your rights, to challenge the charges against you and, if convicted, to get the sentence reduced to the minimum possible. Avoiding the situation, failing to take a criminal matter seriously, and not obtaining defense representation could have permanent consequences for you and your family.

A class 1 misdemeanor DUI, felony theft, probation violation, and any other criminal charge is serious. Contacting an defense attorney should top the list of things to do without delay. Relationships suffer when a spouse, parent, or friend has been arrested. Get the Stewart Law Group involved in the case during the pre-charge phase if possible, while the case is still being investigated by law enforcement. We get results.

Providing Personalized Legal Solutions for Gilbert Clients

Each case is different and every client’s personal, family, and financial situation is unique. Our attorneys work closely with their clients, doing what is necessary under the law to obtain positive results. Whatever it takes, they will stay on target throughout the entire legal process.

First, we treat our clients with respect. We listen and learn about your circumstances, areas of primary concern, and what outcome would be optimal from your perspective. Second, we develop a legal strategy designed to achieve your goals, given the legal situation at hand. That is, a family law case, criminal case, probate matter, or estate plan to protect succession of your business after retirement, to avoid gift and estate tax, or accomplish some other important financial objective.

Your legal team will be led by an attorney who has spent years practicing law and trying cases in court. Your attorney is your advocate. They are there to protect your rights and legal interests under the laws of Arizona and applicable federal laws. You can move forward with confidence and trust that your attorney will expertly guide you through each proceeding. Through probate administration and preparing a complex estate plan. Through divorce and custody determinations. Through challenges to evidence and police procedure (before and after arrest), and much more. In all instances, successful litigation experience matters.

We have represented many Gilbert residents and helped them move on with their lives. At Stewart Law Group, every member of our legal team continuously strives to provide the best possible outcome in the case for our clients. We can help you, too. Call us at 480-409-0440 or fill out our contact form today!

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