Owen Gardner | Paralegal

Jen Murdock


Jen, a proud Arizona native, works at Stewart Law Group as a family law paralegal, contributing her skills and experience to the legal team.

Jen’s academic journey took her through Greenway High School and Glendale Community College, followed by further education at Estrella Mountain Community College. While she initially aspired to become a nurse, Jen spent six years working in an emergency room and developed a passion for the field. Eventually, she decided to change paths and found her calling as a paralegal.

Outside the professional realm, Jen’s life revolves around her family. She relishes spending time with her husband and children, finding joy in the simplicity of watching movies and expressing herself through the art of cooking. As a self-proclaimed foodie, she has a penchant for all cuisines, especially those with a spicy kick. When it comes to entertainment, Jen’s interests lean towards lifetime movies, crime/murder documentaries, and engaging podcasts.

Known for her quiet demeanor around the office, Jen brings a unique blend of experience and empathy to her role. Having navigated her own personal family law issues and accrued over seven years of experience as a paralegal, she stands out for her ability to offer clients a combination of genuine understanding, comfort, and a dose of reality. In her own words, Jen is not just a paralegal; she’s a source of experience, empathy, and authenticity for those seeking legal support.


    • Glendale Community College
    • Estrella Mountain Community College