Erica Iglesias-Diaz | Paralegal

Erica Iglesias-Diaz


There is a generational element to Erica Iglesias-Diaz’ career in family law, a passing of the baton. Erica was inspired to become a paralegal by the work of her mother, a legal assistant for over two decades.

Cresting 20 years as a paralegal herself, Erica is an essential team member helping family after family through the challenges of divorce, separation, and child custody proceedings. One of Erica’s greatest talents is her in-depth knowledge of Arizona’s Family Court Rules. (She’s also the Microsoft Word guru at the office!)

What most clients don’t know about Erica is she wanted to become a professional singer. In her early twenties, she sang with local bands on an impromptu basis. She’s still singing, but more often than not it’s on stage at the local karaoke bar.

An Arizona native, Erica graduated from Tempe’s McClintock High School (Go Chargers!). She earned her Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies from Lamson College in 2003.

Hers is a sports loving family. Erica (the quintessential “softball Mom”) and her husband have been involved in Girls Fastpitch Softball since 2013. From 2016 to 2021, Erica served on the board of directors for the Laveen Baseball League as the Softball Director. As for professional sports, Erica always cheers for the Arizona Cardinals. But since her husband is a New York Giants fan, she roots for NY with equal enthusiasm.

Erica and her husband also love travel together, it’s in their blood. Not long ago, they turned a favorite vacation destination into their permanent hometown. The couple now lives in the Tampa Bay area where they spend their free time walking the beach and enjoying warm ocean breezes off the Gulf of Mexico.

Erica enjoys crafting and is a talented seamstress. In her home, there is always a table set aside for working jigsaw puzzles. These are the things she likes to do while taking in a podcast or documentary. Erica is fascinated with true crime stories.

Her number one go-to podcast is My Favorite Murder. Erica insists, “It’s a must listen!” If the show’s hosts are correct, then Erica has been a “Murderino” since childhood. For the uninitiated, the two witty forensic hosts (Karen and Georgia) call themselves Murderinos. That is, people with a borderline obsessive interest in true crime, and the specific nature and details of disturbing murders. Who knew?


    • Tempe’s McClintock High School
    • Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies, Lamson College in 2003