Christa Engel | Paralegal

Christa Engel


Christa graduated high school at the impressive age of 16. With a passion for law enforcement and the legal field, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery, eventually pursuing Paralegal Studies and earning her Paralegal Certificate.

Christa’s academic achievements are matched by her dedication to being an exceptional mother to her boys. Despite working six days a week, she managed to complete her studies and recently finished real estate school. Her relentless pursuit of personal growth is a source of pride for both herself and her loved ones.

Aside from being a twin, Christa once had aspirations of becoming a police officer. She even made significant progress in the hiring process before ultimately deciding to follow her passion for the legal field, particularly in Family Law. Her diverse career interests and experiences make for great conversation starters at social gatherings.

As a dedicated mom to her boys, Christa actively engages in community service alongside them. One of her favorite ways to teach her children about compassion and character is by visiting local nursing homes. She has developed a genuine affinity for the elderly and believes in the importance of making a positive impact in her community.

Christa’s love for coffee led her to manage a Starbucks in the past. She took great pride in her role as a barista, perfecting her skills in calibrating machines and pulling the best shots. When she’s not working or advocating for her clients, Christa finds solace in the great outdoors. She enjoys activities like hiking, trail runs, and kayaking, with a recent favorite being moonlight kayaking accompanied by an engaging audio book.

When it comes to movies, Christa’s favorite is “The Count of Monte Cristo.” As for TV shows, she is an avid fan of the timeless classic “The Office.” Her preferred travel destinations are the serene woods and breathtaking beaches, and she thrives on the thrill of spontaneous adventures.

Christa is known around the office for her kindness and ability to foster connections effortlessly. Her amiable nature makes it easy for colleagues to get along with her. However, there is one playful critique she receives: her tendency to over-shorten every word during conversation. While some might find it a bit excessive, Christa believes it adds a touch of perfection to her speech.

Christa’s special talent lies in her exceptional ability to connect with clients on a deep level, making them feel comfortable and secure throughout their legal journey. Her empathic nature shines through, allowing individuals to open up and trust her with their most challenging moments. Christa’s clients appreciate her unwavering support and guidance during times of uncertainty, making her a valued and special member of their legal team.


    • Paralegal Certification