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Even the sunniest day in Scottsdale, AZ can surprise us with some pretty dark clouds. When relationships falter, when there has been an arrest, or when you need guidance preparing an estate plan in Scottsdale, you need to know you can call upon a top Attorney in Scottsdale for the job. Call on the Stewart Law Group at (480) 425-1400 or email us.

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Are You Looking For An Experienced and Respectful Attorney in Scottsdale?

Every client’s case is unique. And every case presents unique challenges. We believe each of our clients deserves the best legal advice available from a lawyer who has years of experience in that practice area, and the respect of both clients and colleagues. To be hiring a professional who is both knowledgeable of the law and respectful of that individual’s situation.

Mutual respect builds trust. And trust is crucial for productive communications between attorney and client. No one deserves a dressing down for having made a mistake. For not having gotten a will prepared sooner. For wanting a divorce. Or for believing the other parent would be a better custodian for the children. Everyone is different and everyone deserves respect. They also deserve the best representation they can get.

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Expert Legal Representation and Client Care

At the Stewart Law Group, we are passionate about our work in the Scottsdale community. Known for superb negotiating skills and legal stratagems, our attorneys are always prepared to turn up the heat when trial is necessary to protect our client’s rights and interests. That is always so, whether we represent a parent in a dispute over legal decision-making authority (child custody); the economically disadvantaged spouse in a complicated divorce and property division; or the claimant-heir in the contested probate of the decedent’s estate.

Our job description includes litigating matters that could not be resolved consensually by agreement between our clients and opposing parties. We take our professional responsibilities seriously and are proud of the good results we obtain for our clients.

When we provide family law, divorce, estate planning, or probate representation, our clients have confidence knowing they will be prepared and expertly guided through every civil, probate court proceeding, or estate planning matter. That means top representation in settlement negotiations, discovery, pre-trial hearings, conciliation counseling and mediation preparation, trial, post-judgment motion practice, reconsiderations, and appeals. Attorneys with the Stewart Law Group do everything in their power to obtain the best possible results for our clients.

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Our Family Law Office in Scottsdale, AZ:

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Family Lawyers Representing Clients in Scottsdale

Attorneys in Scottsdale, AZ Are you familiar with Scottsdale’s Jack Knife, the bucking horse with rider in the Arts District? Ed Mell’s well-known sculpture may be a welcoming sight for visitors, but it is also a metaphor for a life in chaos, even crisis. Is everything in your personal life rocking up-and-down, swinging side-to-side, and moving back-and-forth despite your best efforts to regain control? Hanging on for this wild ride may be difficult. Don’t let go! Hand over the reins to a top Scottsdale family law office.

With the Stewart Law Group, you will never have to worry about being kept apprised of new developments in the case. We keep our clients informed on every discovery matter, every legal motion and hearing, every court proceeding, and every judicial ruling and decision. If trial is necessary, we will prepare you for that, too.

Which Court Will Hear Your Scottsdale Family Law Case?

Attorneys in Scottsdale, AZGenerally, there are three courts where cases are heard, depending upon the type the subject matter. They are the Scottsdale City Court, Superior Court, and U.S. District Court.

For most of our Scottsdale clients, their civil, probate, and criminal proceedings are initiated either in the Superior Court in Maricopa County or in Scottsdale City Court. Divorces and family law cases are within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Superior Court. Collateral matters relating to the main criminal prosecution or family law case, such as an order of protection, may be handed in Scottsdale Municipal Court.

Reviews of Our Attorneys in Scottsdale:

“If you’re looking for an amazing family law attorney, Kareen O’Brien is the one to call. She will fight for you all the way.”

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Deb Beckman
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Quality Representation for All Scottsdale Clients

Our legal team is committed to serving Maricopa County, Pinal County, and all of Arizona with the absolute best quality of representation. Call our Scottsdale office at (480) 425-1400 and schedule a confidential consultation with an attorney who can help. Or you can email us here and we will quickly and discretely respond.

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