Joshua Burk | Head of SEO

Joshua Burk

Head of SEO

Joshua, known for his boundless energy and infectious humor, serves as the Head of SEO with an unmatched zeal for digital marketing.

Josh’s academic journey started with an Associates Degree in Business from Metropolitan Community College, followed by a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management and culminated in a Master of Business Administration, both from Bellevue University. A notable achievement during his academic pursuit was his graduation amidst the joyful chaos of raising three kids—a feat that surely makes his mom beam with pride.

Life, however, had its curveballs for Josh. Four years ago, he faced stage three cancer, a battle he fought with unwavering determination. His victory over cancer not only shows his strength but also his courageous spirit. Undeterred by life’s challenges, Josh has explored the world, with his travels spanning Canada, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Taiwan.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Josh remains deeply committed to his community. He volunteers as a youth leader in his church, fostering growth and mentorship among the younger generation. Additionally, his involvement in various service projects for veterans reflects his compassion and dedication to making a positive impact.

A high school wrestling standout, Josh holds the record for the fastest pin ever recorded, a lightning-fast five seconds. His passion for running has seen him conquer 13 half marathons across three states, all while collecting medals along the way. When not pounding the pavement, Josh finds solace in woodworking and carving, channeling his creativity into tangible works of art.

In his downtime, Josh unwinds with favorite movies like “Man of Steel,” “Ghostbusters,” and the timeless classic “What About Bob?” He passionately cheers for his beloved Utah Utes Football team and finds entertainment in TV shows such as “Seal Team,” “Parks & Rec,” “Bluey,” and “NCIS.”

Family remains at the heart of Joshua’s life, evident in his devotion to spending time with his wife and five daughters. His penchant for dad jokes is legendary around the office, earning him both groans and chuckles in equal measure. Yet, amidst the laughter, Joshua’s colleagues recognize him as a diligent and supportive teammate, always ready to lend a helping hand.



    • Masters of Business Administration – Bellevue University
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management – Bellevue University
    • Associates Degree in Business – Metropolitan Community College