Tina Fuller

What’s more fun than chasing your toddler through the house clutching a tiny shoe in one hand and textbook in the other? Tina Fuller, our client coordinator, carried a full load of classes while raising kids and working at a law firm. After 17 years as a medical assistant, Tina changed course at age 40 to become a trained paralegal. “If I knew ahead of time how crazy my schedule would become, I might not have done it,” she admits. Was it worth it? “Oh, yes!”

When Tina moved to Arizona in 2017, her family turned a collective cold-shoulder on sub-zero winters and “mosquitos the size of woodpeckers.” Forever a Vikings and Twins fan, Tina is always up for watching baseball, football, and hockey. (She’s attended most Arizona Coyotes home games, observing a “much different crowd than a MN Wild game!”)

Tina earned her Associate of Science Degree in paralegal studies from Inver Hills Community College in Minneapolis (2017) and her Medical Assistant diploma from Minnesota’s Lakeland Medical-Dental Academy (1996).

Customer service is a top priority at Stewart Law Group, something Tina enthusiastically embraces as our client coordinator. “Individuals who reach out to us for help are dealing with complicated situations often under great stress,” says Tina. “They need to be carefully listened to and a legal basis quickly determined.”

With her warm personality and extensive training, Tina’s ability to assess each individual’s circumstances also puts people at ease so they can better communicate their legal concerns. People know when they’re in good hands.

Tina is a stabilizing force, whether she’s setting attorney consultations or assisting new clients in getting started. Gliding through her busy schedule with ease and a smile, Tina is clearly content with her work and “passionate about helping others.”

The Fullers take their summer family vacations in northern Ontario and have a group love of Mexican food and pizza. Like most parents, these two relish those rare evenings dining out as a couple. When not busy with kids’ gymnastics and horseback riding, Tina likes shopping, hiking a nearby trail, or just relaxing in the desert sun. (We believe she’s still thawing out.) More than anything, Tina thrives on the simple pleasures of home life. Maybe watch a little HGTV or listen to some good music.