Stephannie M. Barrera

They say “homegrown is best.” The person who proves the point is Stephannie Barrera. A paralegal with Stewart Law Group’s family law team, Stephannie was born and raised in Arizona. Her dedication to helping Arizona families is inspiring.

Always tuned into individual circumstances, she wants each new client to feel confident about communicating difficult personal matters. “Building trust is so important for good communication,” says Stephannie. Because each client “needs and deserves the very best team of caring professionals,” she begins building a trusting relationship the minute she introduces herself.

We can always count on her to make us smile, too. If down in the dumps or struggling through a difficult day, sure enough, it’s Stephannie who comes to the rescue with something silly to chuckle about. She simply likes lifting people’s spirits up. And it works every time!

Stephannie went to high school in Glendale and obtained her AAS in Paralegal Studies from Phoenix College (2018). But her paralegal training started early. “It’s a family tradition,” she laughs. Stephannie’s mother, also a paralegal, is credited with training her eager, intelligent daughter in the legal field. Stephannie started working for attorneys as a legal assistant right out of high school. Today, she is a member of the Arizona Paralegal Association.

Young when her own parents divorced, Stephannie’s appreciation for what clients and their children are going through is more than academic. She knows how it feels to be part of that environment—she’s been there. Her empathy for clients and passion for family law practice is sincere. Every case receives her utmost care. Every client has her understanding and respect.

Stephannie’s favorite place is her home and everything that means. She is the proud wife of a firefighter. As parents of three young boys, she and her husband are experts at balancing career obligations while raising energetic kids. “They keep me exhausted, but I’m as happy as can be.”

Haunted houses are Halloween thrills for some, yet Stephannie has been to a few “scary haunted places” and heard “some pretty strange noises.” She’s still here to talk about it, if you dare.

For the time being, all hobbies are defined by her kids. Watching them play football, making music and beats, getting thumped in Nerf war battles. Stephannie loves being outdoors, camping, hiking, and nature walks. More proof she’s an Arizona native? All outdoor activities require sunshine and minimum 70-degree weather!

She enjoys watching cooking shows, admitting her favorite combo is still a sub sandwich with a root beer float. Regularly tapping into her scary side, she watches crime solver shows and reality-TV. What makes other people queasy, well, Stephanie finds cool. Who knew?

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