Sierra Henrichsen

Sierra Henrichsen is a Client Services Coordinator here at Stewart Law Group. A graduate of ASU, Sierra earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Justice Studies (2019), carrying a minor in Sociology as well as Women and Gender Studies. She attended ASU on an academic scholarship and finished her final year on the Dean’s List. But that’s not Sierra’s educational end game. Her goal is to attend law school, another big step in a promising career.

College life wasn’t limited to academics, Sierra was in an ASU sorority her first couple years there. Along with the connections and camaraderie of sorority life, Sierra participated in fundraising activities, community service, and philanthropy. Experiences she will always cherish, they formed the foundation for the volunteer and charitable work she participates in today and hopes to in the future.

Sierra is great to work with, always nice, and is especially well-liked by our clients. Self-effacing, she has the ability to laugh at herself, too. “Some people probably say I’m clumsy,” she says smiling, “because chances are they’ve seen me tripping over my own two feet.” She’s the kind of person who is fun to be around. Sierra’s slightly sarcastic wit is sure to make you chuckle.

Make no mistake, there is a serious side to Sierra, too. Her special talent in the legal field is in turning a genuine curiosity and enthusiasm for learning into practicable knowledge that helps guide each client toward the best possible outcome. One of her gifts is being able to connect with clients right from the start, making it easy for them to build trust and rely on her professionalism.

Like many on our team, Sierra is happiest in the great outdoors – hiking, camping, and simply cutting loose from everyday chores and work responsibilities. Most of her free time is spent with best friend Leo, a furry Alaskan Husky and top-notch trail companion. Hiking the desert trail takes lots of energy and creates an appetite, so it’s a good thing Sierra likes trying new food places, especially those serving “anything Italian.” When curled up on the sofa and relaxing at home, a little TV may be in order. Her favorite shows are Grey’s Anatomy and The Grand Hotel.

In the early mornings and evenings, Sierra packs a few doggie treats for Leo (with a few extras for his four-legged buddies) and heads to the dog park. What better way to pass some time then hanging out with neighbors and friends, watching over all sizes and breeds of romping, running, happy puppies.

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