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September Arizona Family Law Newsletter

This summer went by fast for everyone here. So fast, we barely got our newsletter out on time. But here it is, ready for you to enjoy. Click here to read the September family law newsletter from the Arizona Law Group.

What’s Inside?

Scott David Stewart penned his thoughts on family check-ups (you know, check-ups from the neck up) in Our Kids Still Think Mom and Dad Are Cool. He gives us an insider’s look at parenting decisions, raising grade school kids, and changing career paths (that would be the Mrs.).

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Scott wanted to make sure this issue was really memorable, so we included a very Special Book Offer for our clients, friends, and valued newsletter readers. We’re giving away a copy of any one of our three most popular books for FREE. All the details are in the newsletter, including the contact information you’ll need to order a free book.

Professional Spotlight on Kareen O’Brien

photo Kareen O'Brien

September’s lens is focused on Kareen O’Brien, Associate Attorney with the Stewart Law Group. She’s an amazing person and a distinguished lawyer. Kareen works out of the firm’s main office in Phoenix.

Convert Legal Separation into Divorce

picture of printed story on separation and divorce

Can a decree of legal separation be converted into a divorce? Does it really matter? Yes! In Make That Separation a Divorce After All, you’ll learn about the differences between these two decrees (legally and emotionally). Also, you’ll find out how the court goes about converting a decree of legal separation into a decree of divorce.

Grandparents Rights in Arizona

An important question for many grandparents is whether they can obtain custody of a grandson or granddaughter. That’s the topic of discussion in Can Grandma Share Custody with My Dad? You will read a few things about grandparents visitation rights in Arizona law as well.

Pets in Divorce

In Dividing Pets in Divorce – “But He’s My Dog!” we talk about some of the factors spouses should consider before taking a position on who gets the family pet in divorce. Sometimes the family’s furry friends take a back-seat during divorce negotiations, but their futures need to be considered, too.

We know you’ll enjoy September’s issue of our family law newsletter. So reach for your favorite iced coffee, take a seat on the sofa, and relax with this interesting read. If you have some thoughts you’d like to share with us, we would appreciate your feedback, too. Feel free to contact us at