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Explaining Contested and Uncontested Divorces

No couple walks down the aisle expecting it to end in divorce court, but life sometimes takes people in unanticipated directions. Fortunately, not all divorcing spouses have to litigate their divorce inside a courtroom. A divorce trial means an impartial judge who doesn’t personally know their situation makes all the final decisions for how…

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Biggest Financial Mistakes to Avoid During a Chandler Divorce

A divorce is an emotionally draining experience. Many divorcing spouses focus their attention on the fraught emotional aspects of the divorce—whether it’s anger, sorrow, or relief—and allow some important legal aspects to slip through their fingers. Once the final divorce judgment is in place, many newly divorced spouses confront the reality of post-divorce life…

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Spotting the Signs of Asset Hiding in an Arizona Divorce

Ending a marriage is rarely an easy, distress-free process, but when divorcing spouses have significant assets, it may quickly become contentious and embittered. Arizona’s divorce process includes community property laws compelling both spouses to divide all property, assets, and debts acquired during the marriage equally and fairly. Unfortunately, during the animosity of divorce, some…

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How to Prepare for a Family Court Hearing in Arizona

With the exception of child adoption, facing a family court hearing is rarely a joyous occasion. Often, these hearings occur during the worst time in a family’s life as they argue contentious issues such as a divorce agreement, child custody, child support, and alimony. Family court cases may be intensely emotional as well as…

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Important Tips for Handling a Public Divorce

It’s never easy to go through a divorce, but when one or both parties are public figures or the divorce sparks public interest, it’s even more distressing. Even if you aren’t a celebrity or public figure, your very personal divorce may feel like an open book when it requires testimony from many witnesses and…

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Why is Asset Protection So Important in a Divorce?

Like many states, Arizona is a community property divorce state. In a community property state, divorcing spouses must equitably divide all marital property in a manner that’s fair if not strictly 50/50. The way the spouses or the judge divides the entirety of the couple’s property depends on when and how they acquired each…

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What is a Rule 69 Agreement?

What is a Rule 69 Agreement in Arizona? When dealing with divorce or child custody cases in Arizona, parties can utilize a Rule 69 Agreement. A Rule 69 Agreement allows the parties to settle some or all of their disputes privately, leaving only the unresolved issues to be resolved by the family law court….

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6 Tips for How to Tell the Kids We’re Getting Divorced

One of the hardest things you must do when you decide to divorce is to tell your children. However, if you know that divorce is the best decision for your family, you can follow a few tips to help navigate this difficult task: 1. Take Time and Plan the Conversation You have taken the…

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How to File for Divorce in Arizona

How to File for Divorce in Arizona Without A Lawyer As a divorce lawyer in Phoenix, I made this guide for people who want to know how to file for divorce in Arizona without a lawyer. It might seem like a good way to save money, but that’s only if you follow the right…

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Top signs your spouse is cheating

Top Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

Before you can face the arduous task of deciding what to do next, whether it’s seeking marital counseling or filing for divorce, you must first determine whether your issue is really fair. Of course, the best way to know is to get assurance from your spouse, the person with whom they may be cheating…

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