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6 Tips for How to Tell the Kids We’re Getting Divorced

Arizona Divorce

One of the hardest things you must do when you decide to divorce is to tell your children. However, if you know that divorce is the best decision for your family, you can follow a few tips to help navigate this difficult task: 1. Take Time and Plan the Conversation You have taken the time […]

What is a Rule 69 Agreement?

Arizona Divorce, Podcasts

What is a Rule 69 Agreement in Arizona? When spouses who have children are getting separated or divorced they have the option of meeting privately ahead of divorce trial proceedings to discuss issues such as visitation and parenting time, child support,  and how to divide assets. If both parties can come to a reasonable solution […]

How to File for Divorce in Arizona

Arizona Divorce

As a divorce lawyer in Phoenix, I created this guide for people who are considering handling the divorce process in Arizona alone. While it may seem like the most practical and money-saving choice for you right now, that will only be true after you successfully follow the right steps and avoid all the mistakes you’ll […]

Top signs your spouse is cheating

Top Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

Arizona Divorce

Before you can face the arduous task of deciding what to do next, whether it’s seeking marital counseling or filing for divorce, you must first determine whether your issue is really fair. Of course, the best way to know is to get assurance from your spouse, the person with whom they may be cheating or […]

What to Know About Divorce and Taxes

What to Know About Divorce and Taxes

Arizona Divorce, Property Division

In the beginning phases of a divorce? A number of tax difficulties need to be resolved to ensure that taxes are minimized and that crucial tax-related action is taken properly, in addition to the difficult personal issues you are currently facing. Here are some things to think about if you’re going through a divorce.   […]

Divorced Parents and Navigating FAFSA

Divorced Parents and Navigating FAFSA

Arizona Divorce, Child Support

If you’re reading this in the fall or winter seasons, it’s likely that parents all around the country are scurrying about college campuses, attending long information sessions, and collecting stacks of pamphlets. These tasks can be time-consuming, but they pale in comparison to the stress of applying for financial aid.   In order to qualify […]

Student loan debt and divorce

What to Know About Student Loan Debt and Divorce

Arizona Divorce

Those going through a divorce often stress over their ex’s student loan debt. However, it may be a relief for you to know that if your ex took out the loan before your marriage, he or she will probably be held accountable for the debt following divorce. When loans are taken out during a marriage, […]

Divorce and paying for college

Planning to Pay for College After Divorce

Arizona Divorce

Most parents appreciate the value of their children’s university, college, or trade school education. However, due to the fierce competition in today’s labor market, those without formal education or training beyond high school often find themselves at a severe disadvantage while looking for work. Therefore, even if you intend your child to pursue something other […]

5 Divorce Mindset Strategies Your Lawyer Wants You to Know

Arizona Divorce, Articles

Support is key In general, guilt arises from the feeling that you failed to fulfill a commitment to a loved one, failed to keep your half of the bargain, or overlooked a vital element that may have changed the outcome. Guilt is frequently the outcome of believing you should have done more or doing something […]

Ultimate Guide to Social Media During Divorce

Arizona Divorce, Articles

Aside from social media postings, people should be exceedingly cautious about what they email or text the other spouse. These are written messages that may be admitted into evidence in court. Once these communications are sent, they can be saved and utilized as evidence to establish anything or to impeach claims made by the spouse […]

A Dad’s Guide to Divorce

Arizona Divorce, Articles, Articles, Child Custody

Divorce can be a stressful and frustrating process. We understand that you may be concerned about what it means and how it will affect you, your children, and your connection with them. But you should be aware that, as a responsible and loving father, you have plenty of legal rights in Arizona. Is it true […]

AZ Bankruptcy and Divorce in Arizona

Divorce & Bankruptcy in Arizona

Arizona Divorce, Articles, Faqs

How Bankruptcy Affects Divorce in Arizona Is it better to declare bankruptcy before or after divorce in Arizona? Well, that depends. Declaring bankruptcy will impact divorce proceedings, primarily the property settlement. And the property division in divorce will directly affect the former spouse’s bankruptcy estate. Most people file bankruptcy because debt collectors are hounding them […]

business property division in a divorce in Arizona

Business Ownership & Divorce in Arizona

Arizona Divorce, Articles, Property Division

Divorce’s Impact When One or Both Spouses Own a Business Let’s look at what happens during a divorce in Arizona when one or both spouses own a business. You can also learn about dividing your family business during a divorce in AZ here. Defining Arizona Community & Separate Property Arizona is what’s known as a […]

Family Court Authority to Modify Orders of Protection in Arizona Divorce and Child Custody

Arizona Divorce, Child Custody, Domestic Violence

Arizona Court of Appeals held the family court has statutory authority to modify an order of protection when terms may conflict with the court’s parenting orders in divorce or child custody proceedings. But only to the degree the family court is satisfied the modified order of protection and party’s request for parenting time will not […]

Dividing Virtual Assets in Divorce

Arizona Divorce, Faqs

In Arizona, marital property is subject to equal division between the spouses in a divorce. The task of determining the nature and character of certain assets as either separate property or community property can sometimes be difficult, particularly when transmutation has occurred. Recently, a unique new form of intangible property has made a quiet entry […]

How To Plan For Your Arizona Divorce

Arizona Divorce

Knowing how to prepare for a divorce can be difficult. Only you can decide for certain whether the marriage is over. But if you believe it is, then start planning for Arizona divorce proceedings. Preparing a plan for your divorce does not make you cold-hearted or vindictive. On the contrary, divorce planning is necessary and […]

Implementing Reverse Mortgages in Mature Divorce

Arizona Divorce, Property Division

When a mature couple files for divorce their Arizona marital home is often mortgage-free, a valuable asset that must be divided. Along with deciding which spouse shall remain in the home (assuming the property is not sold as part of the divorce and the proceeds divided), an important consideration is the availability of a reverse […]

Coping with Stress in Your Divorce

Arizona Divorce

Managing Stress in Your Divorce or Family Law Case Among the most stressful life experiences, divorce and family law cases can be profoundly emotional. They represent a turbulent period for both spouses and can affect the children for years to come. The divorce, legal separation, or child custody dispute may challenge your resolve initially. But […]

Joining Ex-Husband’s Current Wife in Divorce Property Settlement Enforcement Lawsuit

Arizona Divorce

In this lawsuit to enforce divorce property settlements, the trial court erred in denying petitioner’s third party motion to join ex-husband’s current wife; former husband’s contribution to community assets was an issue properly before the family court; findings of debtor’s contribution to community property should have been made with the current wife given opportunity to […]

ASRS Lacked Authority to Limit Former Spouse’s QDRO Preserved Survivor Benefit

Arizona Divorce, Property Division

Former wife’s rights to survivor benefits of retired former husband were preserved by a valid QDRO and Arizona State Retirement System had no statutory authority to limit her rights as a contingent annuitant. Sharon DiGiacinto v. Arizona State Retirement System Arizona Divorce Decree with Domestic Relations Order The spouses were married in 1983. In 2003, […]

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