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What Are the Biggest High Net Worth Divorce Mistakes?

No divorce is easy because a divorce comes with strong emotions, whether it’s sadness, bitterness, or anxiety about the future, but when the financial stakes are high, so is the amount of contention during a divorce. Like the majority of states, Arizona requires divorcing spouses to divide their marital assets in a way that’s…

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What Are the Biggest Challenges in a Military Divorce Lawsuit?

Military marriage isn’t easy. With lengthy separations, frequent relocations, and relatively low pay, it’s common for one or both spouses to feel isolated and as though they lack support from the other. Enlisted service members have a higher divorce rate than the national average for civilians with the highest rate for Air Force active-duty…

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Explaining Contested and Uncontested Divorces

No couple walks down the aisle expecting it to end in divorce court, but life sometimes takes people in unanticipated directions. Fortunately, not all divorcing spouses have to litigate their divorce inside a courtroom. A divorce trial means an impartial judge who doesn’t personally know their situation makes all the final decisions for how…

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