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What Are the Biggest Challenges in a Military Divorce Lawsuit?

Military marriage isn’t easy. With lengthy separations, frequent relocations, and relatively low pay, it’s common for one or both spouses to feel isolated and as though they lack support from the other. Enlisted service members have a higher divorce rate than the national average for civilians with the highest rate for Air Force active-duty…

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No Indemnification for Wife Awarded Community Share of Husband’s Military Pension if Retirement Delayed Beyond His Eligibility Date

In community property division, civilian spouse was awarded 29% of husband’s military pension. Upon eligibility for retirement benefits, divorce decree required husband indemnify wife should he delay retirement to remain active duty. Arizona Supreme Court determined federal law does not entitle non-military spouse to indemnification should the service member choose to retire later than…

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Reflections on What Makes a Marriage Work

In our March family law newsletter, we offer some special insight into marriage and what makes the legal team at Stewart Law Group tick. Take a look. In Keeping Our Marriage in Peak Condition, attorney Scott David Stewart talks about celebrating an important benchmark in life – his wedding anniversary. Reflecting on what keeps…

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