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birth certificate

How Do I Get My Name on the Birth Certificate?

If your name is not on your child’s birth certificate, Arizona law provides a procedure to add it. Depending on the mother’s marital status and whether the parents agree on paternity, the process can be simple, or it can be more complex. If you are interested in learning how to establish your paternity or…

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covenant marriage

Overview of Covenant Marriage in Arizona

You may have heard the term “covenant marriage” in Arizona, which is a type of marriage created by our State Legislature. If you are considering getting married in Arizona, a covenant marriage is an option you may want to consider. However, there are some necessary steps that must be taken for a covenant marriage….

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Your Quick Guide to Military Divorces

Arizona does not have a separate set of rules for military divorces, but there are additional guidelines that must be followed when one spouse is deployed or lives in a different city. Military couples can still get a divorce while one person is serving elsewhere, but the process may be significantly delayed. Because of…

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