Reflections on What Makes a Marriage Work

Reflections on What Makes a Marriage Work

In our March family law newsletter, we offer some special insight into marriage and what makes the legal team at Stewart Law Group tick. Take a look.

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Keeping Our Marriage in Peak Condition

In Keeping Our Marriage in Peak Condition, attorney Scott David Stewart talks about celebrating an important benchmark in life – his wedding anniversary. Reflecting on what keeps his marriage on the right track (admitting that “marriage is hard work”), Scott offers three focus points that have helped him and his wife grow together in their marriage. Through the ups and downs all couples experience.

Robert Howard and His Scottsdale Connection

In the Spotlight this month is the amazing Robert C. Howard, Jr. A man of remarkable qualities and an experienced family law attorney, Bob heads up our Scottsdale office location. His influence, personality, and philanthropy have made a lasting impression on the community. The proof is in the numerous awards he has received through the years, including the Longevity Award for Outstanding Performance in the Family Law Assistance Program (2014).

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Arizona Military Divorce: Enforcing Child Support

Child Support Enforcement Is Different in Military Divorce

When no child support order or voluntary child support agreement exists between parents, what can be done to enforce military family support obligations? What if parents are divorced, but the service member falls behind on his or her child support payments? These and other questions are answered in Arizona Military Divorce: Enforcing Child Support.

March Madness Means Mega Munchies

Yes, it’s March Madness. And that translates into a lot of snacking, all in support of our favored basketball teams. As a balance to the less-than-healthy food choices we know will be on buffet table (because we love them), our staff offers one healthy alternative that is delicious and easy to make. In Mmmm… March Muffin Madness, you’ll get the recipe for Spiced Bran Muffins. For variety, try replacing raisins with other dried fruits, such as chopped dates, apricots, figs, or cranberries.

Glendale’s Nod to St. Patrick’s Day

We know there is A Touch of the Irish in Glendale because attorney Kareen O’Brien heads up our office location there. Meet Kareen and take a virtual tour of the nicely-detailed Suite #108 on N. 79th Avenue near Arrowhead Ranch. Directions and contact information are in the newsletter, too.

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New Guide to DUI Law in Arizona

Attention please! We very proudly announce availability of our newest consumer law guide: The Arizona DUI Handbook. Attorneys Scott D. Stewart and Colin Bell have combined forces to author this book, now available in paperback. New for 2017, the DUI handbook provides the tools individuals need to start asserting their constitutionally protected rights and to prepare for criminal court proceedings. Available through SLG and on Amazon. For more information, email or call 602.548.4600.