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November Newsletter on a Dark and Stormy Arizona Night

Amazingly, Thanksgiving is just around the corner! We have an informative (and fun) November Arizona Family Law Newsletter for you to kick back with. Click here and take a moment to see what’s inside.

Writing Is Easy, Sometimes

Scott Stewart starts things off on page one with his reflections on being a writer in It Was a Dark and Stormy Night… Good Words for Writers. He gives us a few useful tips on how to overcome obstacles and writer’s block . He also offers up a project you can really sink your teeth into – writing a winning business plan for 2017.

Scott also says you have to keep reading to be a good writer. We can help you with that task! Take advantage of our Special FREE Book Offer. We are offering our clients, friends, and valued newsletter readers their choice of our three most popular books and at no cost. All the information you need to get your free book is in the newsletter. Each book offers tips, explanations, and important discussions on family law and court proceedings in Arizona.

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Attorney Paul Sanger Is in the Spotlight

In the Spotlight this month is attorney Paul Sanger. Paul joined the Stewart Law Group earlier this year and works out of the firm’s Phoenix office location. In addition to his family, Paul has two great passions. His estate planning law practice and coaching high school basketball.

Holiday Recipe from Patagonia Arizona

Patagonia is a great place to visit with a rich Territorial history. The little town on the Sonoita Creek is also the source of our Pumpkin Twist on Patagonia Thanksgiving Dessert. Be prepared to answer a few trivia questions first, then try out Gregg’s Pumpkin Cheesecake. It’s easy and pumpkin dreamy.

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Keeping Estate Plans Relevant

The upheaval of divorce should be a powerful motivator for updating your estate plan. Find out the significance of the preliminary injunction in dissolution proceedings in Is Your Estate Plan Keeping Up with Life? Learn what’s involved in updating your existing plan to keep it relevant with significant changes in your life.

Finding the Best Lawyer for the Matter at Hand

Legal concerns and problems can come at us from a number of different directions. When there is a DUI, divorce, probate, accident, or some other issue, it’s very important to seek guidance from an attorney who practices in that area of law. Learn where to begin your search and what area of practice is involved in What Kind of Attorney Do You Really Need?

Enjoy our newsletter and …

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving!