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Ushering in the New Year, It’s Stewart Law Group’s January Newsletter

Welcoming the New Year, Stewart Law Group’s January newsletter – our first words for 2017 – has some fun and interesting ideas for loyal readers (and new readers) to mull over.

Attorney Scott David Stewart leads off the newsletter with “What’s Your Word?”

Scott talks about the value of weaving a single, positive theme throughout our lives for an entire year. He has chosen two words that he will bring into focus in his business life and in his personal life. You’ll have to read What’s Your Word? to find which words he’s chosen for his life’s 2017 theme. They just might work for you, too.

January’s Spotlight Is on Amy Marschel

Our spotlight this month is on Amy Marschel, the firm’s marketing director. Being the marketing director entails promoting our team to drive the firm’s growth. There are many facets to this, of course, so Amy has many hats to wear. If she had to choose the one aspect of her work that she enjoys the most, then it would have to be networking. She loves reaching out and connecting with community members and business leaders to build long-lasting, meaningful relationships.

snapshot of amy marschel story

Collectibles, Antiques, and Curiosities in Arizona Divorce

Dividing property in Arizona divorce often involves handling some extraordinary items. In Valuation of Antiques and Other Collectibles you’ll learn about the four-step process of property division and how expert appraisers place values on unique items, from Tiffany lamps and antique violins to Picasso paintings.

photo antique Tiffany lamp

Trails, Trails, and More Trails

Scott and his adoring fans (that would be his wife and kids) are the reason our Parenting Time on the Arizona Trail article came about in the first place. Look to the Maricopa Trail, the Arizona Trail, and other paths close-by for some outdoor parenting time on the wild side.

Virtual Visit to Our Chandler Office Location

Another Amy is showcased in January’s issue, too. Amy Dohrendorf, attorney and partner at SLG, heads up the firm’s Chandler office location. Take a virtual tour for fun ‘Cause We’ve Got Personality!

photo trail mix

Hiking Makes Everyone Really Hungry

We couldn’t send families out on the dusty trail without sufficient rations. So we included our humble Trail Mix Recipe, something the kids will enjoy measuring, mixing, and munching.

Enjoy the newsletter and Happy New Year everyone!