Phoenix Post Judgment Modifications Attorney

Phoenix Post Judgment Modifications Lawyer

A divorce often feels like the end of a chapter, but many do not realize the legal proceedings and adjustments can continue long after. Life changes constantly, and arrangements made at the time of divorce might no longer suit your current needs. That’s where post-decree modifications come in, allowing for adjustments to divorce orders. If you need help with any related matter, contact Stewart Law Group to schedule a consultation with a divorce attorney in Phoenix.

Why Hire Stewart Law Group If You Need Help With Post Judgement Modifications?

Navigating post-judgment modifications isn’t easy, but having an experienced, reliable team by your side makes all the difference. Here’s why you should work with Stewart Law Group:

  • Experience: With over 100 years of combined professional experience, the Stewart Law Group’s legal team boasts unmatched expertise. This guarantees a courtroom advantage you can count on.
  • Integrity: Trust is paramount in any relationship, especially when discussing your family’s future. The attorneys at Stewart Law Group exemplify integrity, so you know your interests always come first.
  • Success Rate: Results matter, and our team has a history of winning. Rest easy knowing that the Stewart Law Group’s track record demonstrates real, consistent success.

How a Lawyer Can Help You With Post-Judgment Modifications

Life changes, plain and simple. And when these changes affect your divorce, child custody, or other family law matters, you’ll need to request a post-judgment modification. Here’s how a Phoenix family lawyer can help:

  • A lawyer will evaluate your case to determine whether there are valid grounds for requesting a change. This could include factors such as job loss, relocation, or changes in your child’s needs.
  • They will collect and analyze the necessary documentation to support your modification request. This may include financial documents, school records, or expert witness statements.
  • In some cases, your ex-spouse might refuse to cooperate with the proposed modifications. When this happens, a good lawyer won’t back down. They can pursue court action on your behalf to ensure your voice is heard and your needs are met.

Navigating Post-Decree Modifications

Experienced family law attorneys offer post-decree modification services to help clients adjust their divorce orders. Areas that may require modification include:

Spousal and Child Support Modifications

Circumstances change, and so do financial situations. One party might lose their job, experience a significant salary increase, or face a significant life expense. An attorney can assist with modifications to spousal and/or child support payments, or in terminating payments entirely.

“Except as otherwise provided in section 25-317, subsections F and G, the provisions of any decree respecting maintenance or support may be modified or terminated only on a showing of changed circumstances that are substantial and continuing except as to any amount that may have accrued as an arrearage before the date of notice of the motion or order to show cause to modify or terminate.  The addition of health insurance coverage as defined in section 25-531 or a change in the availability of health insurance coverage may constitute a continuing and substantial change in circumstance.”

Custody and Visitation Adjustments

Life changes might also necessitate alterations to child custody or visitation arrangements. Our team specializes in modifying child custody and visitation orders, including relocation requests or changes due to safety concerns. Whether you need to move to another city or state for a job opportunity or believe your child’s safety is at risk with their other parent, we can provide expert guidance.

Contact Stewart Law Group To Schedule a Consultation

If you’re ready to explore your options for post-judgment modifications, contact Stewart Law Group today to schedule a consultation. Together, we’ll help create the best possible situation for you and your family moving forward.