Scott Stewart Interview

Carol : We are back and we just heard Scott David Stewart’s ad, and I am welcoming my next guess, who is Scott David Stewart. He is a family law attorney. Welcome to the show.
Scott : Thank you. Good afternoon, Carol. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself to your listeners.
Carol : Now you’ve got to tell us a little bit about yourself, and about what you do, and about the 99 copies that you’re giving away of your book. I love the book. Go ahead.
Scott : I’m an Arizona native, born and raised in Arizona, which is not all that unique today but used to be when I was growing up. In fact, I’m the only person in my family that is from the state of Arizona. Ironically, everyone else is from somewhere else. I went to Northern Arizona University and when I was up there decided to go to law school, decided I wanted to try and help people out, and liked problem solving. I decided to get a taste of someplace else to live, went out to Chicago, but always knew that I wanted to return back home and practice here in Arizona, which I did.
Carol : What is your philosophy, your fundamental ideas about divorce?
Scott : Divorce is probably one of the two or three more difficult things that a person can go through in their life. Many people look at it as a situation where it’s the destruction of a family. I’m compelled by faith to look at it that it’s actually the creation of two families, and if we do our job correctly, at the end of the day we’ll have two people, especially if they have children, who are going to co-parent and work together, not for the next 6, 12, or 18 years but essentially for the rest of their lives because their children are going to graduate high school, they’re going to have events, they’re maybe going to go to college, graduate college, hopefully get married and have children.
My goal is that they can have a family portrait at those weddings that encompasses everybody. In order to do that, we have to really focus on some fundamental things, which are important to me, and those things would be that we’re always doing the right things for our clients, we’re giving them the best advice, even if that means they need to do something that is maybe not in our best interest but it’s always in their best interest. We need to build bonds of trust from the minute that a client hires us. We need to have open, fluid, honest communication with our clients.
Sometimes that’s telling them what they need to hear, not really what they want to hear. It’s difficult sometimes for clients to wrap their mind around that concept, but we make sure that we always do it. The last thing is that we want to make sure that we’re providing superior customer service. We can’t guarantee results, but we can guarantee our efforts. We can guarantee that we’re prepared and that we’re going to timely and effectively communicate with them so that they can be prepared for what’s coming.
Carol : He has offices throughout the valley. You can also check him out on his website, which is, and Arizona is all spelled out, You can also call him at 602.266.6200. Everyone, we’re going to open up the lines to the audience for everybody to call in, and you’re going to get the Arizona Divorce Handbook. It’s your step by step guide to navigate Arizona divorce. Our number here is 602.277.5369. Toll free it’s 1.866.536.1100. Everyone’s going to get a copy, and you know what? If it’s not you that’s going through a divorce, you know you know somebody who is going through one, so this would be good for anybody. Again, it’s the Arizona Divorce Handbook, your step by step guide to navigate Arizona divorce. 602.277.5369. Toll free it’s 1.866.536.1100. Let’s talk what’s in the book first for a minute, because what are some of the things that you talk about in here, besides everything? I’m sure it’s like if it’s a step by step guide, it’s everything.
Scott : It really is everything from the point at which you make the decision that you want to proceed with divorce, even if you need to try and go through counseling if that has not happened yet, we discuss counseling all the way through to the end post-divorce and how to move on with your life. What I’ve tried to do is essentially provide everybody who reads the book education and knowledge because whether you’re going through divorce or something else in life, we all know that knowledge is power. We tell you from the first filing for the petition for dissolution all the way through the decree of dissolution. We talk about custody do’s and don’ts. We give you an overview of property and house divided, spousal maintenance, child support. If you have a question or just need to get some basics as to what you might be facing, it’s an outstanding first step.
Carol : It’s a great book, because it gives you a little bit of something to know about every little thing that you’re going to want to know about, like child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, property division, privacy and security, choosing an attorney, and I love this, life after divorce. That’s really great that you have a little something on that too, but there’s always something, and by the way, it’s after the divorce that a lot of questions come up of, “Well, what should have we done, where we needed somebody,” and this book would be very good and handy for that too, because you could help people with that, right?
Scott : Oh, absolutely.
Carol : It’s always with the money too, guys, so he’s got lots of information for you. The book is called The Arizona Divorce Handbook. It’s your step by step guide to navigate Arizona divorce. Our number here is 602.277.5369. Toll free it’s 1.866.536.1100. Everyone’s going to get a copy of one, and if you need it, get it for you. If you know somebody who needs it, give it to them. I’m about to lose my voice today! You can also check it out on the website. Again, he’s got offices throughout the valley, like Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Peoria, Glendale, and Mesa, and you can check him out on the website, which is You can also give him a call. His number is 602.266.6200 or call in, everybody should have a copy of this book, 602.277.5369. Toll free it’s 1.866.536.1100. Let’s talk a little bit about why people should hire you.
Scott : I think it’s important that you do extensive research prior to hiring an attorney to represent you. One of the things that we do in our law firm is that from the very first step we’re going to provide you with a tremendous amount of information, whether you hire us or you hire somebody else that’s a better fit for you. We’re going to provide you with resources, whether it’s through the divorce book or one of our online webinars or one of our online eDivorce courses. We want to give you information to allow you to make decisions. Beyond that, the person that you’re going to meet with at your initial consultation is going to be the person that represents you throughout your case.
As I said earlier, one of the things that we want to do is we want to build bonds of trust from the very first meeting with our office, and I feel the only way that we can do that effectively is that the person you sit down with that you tell your story to, that you perhaps shed tears and cry with, is going to be the person that’s there with you at the end of the case when everything is over, when you move on from this situation, and we want to really partner with you through this process. We can’t do that if the person you’re meeting with is not the person that’s going to represent you.
Carol : He has offices throughout the valley. You can check them all out at his website, which is Arizona, all spelled out, Again, his number is 602.266.6200, and that book is The Arizona Divorce Handbook, your step by step guide to navigate Arizona divorce. Everyone should have a copy of this, especially even if you got married here and you’ve got questions that came up down the line too. 602.277.5369. Toll free it’s 1.866.536.1100. We have a couple of minutes before we’re done for today, but I want to ask you about those webinars that you spoke about. You do those online. Let’s talk a little bit about those.
Scott : Sure. We do a webinar at least one time a month, sometimes multiple times per month. Essentially what we’re going to do is we’re going to give you the Arizona divorce basics. You can call our office to get information to sign up. You can sign up via our website, and we send out email notifications of those. They typically take anywhere between 50 to 60 minutes, depending on how many questions are being asked. I think it’s important to note that at the end of these webinars you do have an opportunity to ask questions. If you haven’t come in to speak with us yet about your situation, it’s a very easy way to have some questions answered in an anonymous format so that perhaps you can start that education that you need to start moving forward.
Carol : It’s an eDivorce course. It’s also an eCustody course. A free parenting journal that you do also offer everybody there on your website. I like this too, it’s a free iPhone child support app. I love that one right there, guys. Now everyone is going to get this. It’s The Arizona Divorce Handbook, your step by step guide to navigate Arizona divorce. It’s written by Scott David Stewart. He is here today. He’s going to be back with us again for a little bit longer for the next go around. Our number here is 602.277.5369. Toll free it’s 1.866.536.1100. Call in and get the book.
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