Peoria High Net-Worth Divorce Attorney

Peoria High Net-Worth Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is rarely easy, it’s filled with legal challenges and a high probability of disputes in matters of child custody, spousal support, and the division of assets. In a state like Arizona, with laws compelling divorcing spouses to divide their marital assets in a way that’s “fair and equitable,” the process becomes even more challenging and potentially adversarial. When spouses have a lot of property, they also have a lot to lose in a divorce. A high-asset divorce lawyer with decades of experience in complex asset division is the best way forward for a resolution-oriented approach. Call the Peoria high-net-worth divorce attorneys at Stewart Law Group today so we can begin working on a strategy for your divorce case.

Peoria High Net-Worth Divorce Lawyer

Why Choose Us for Your High Net-Worth Divorce Attorneys in Peoria?

The experienced divorce lawyers at Stewart Law Group have successfully handled thousands of divorces within Arizona’s laws for asset division. With over a hundred years of combined experience, you’ll have access to the finest legal minds with an in-depth knowledge of Arizona’s divorce laws and legal obligations. We offer our clients significant advantages, including the following:

  • Limited caseloads so we provide individualized attention to every client’s case
  • Experience with all types of divorces, including military divorce and high-asset divorces in Arizona
  • Full family law service to handle all aspects of your divorce, including child custody, parenting time schedules, child support, and spousal maintenance as well as the division of assets and debts
  • Individualized legal representation to protect your best interests throughout the divorce process
  • Strategic planning to achieve the best possible outcome for all terms of your divorce

We take on each case with a resolution-based approach with the goal of seeking a settlement agreement whenever possible to minimize contention; however, we never compromise our client’s best interests.

How an Attorney Helps You With a High Net Worth Divorce Case?

Divorce is legally and emotionally complex. The divorce attorneys at Stewart Law Group are ready to steer you through the legal aspects of your high-net-worth divorce so you can focus on moving forward with the best possible start for your new beginning. Your attorney from Stewart Law Group will do the following:

  • Help you navigate the process of full financial disclosure 
  • Guide you through valuations of your assets and properties
  • Evaluate the tax implications of your asset division
  • Request necessary documents from your spouse through their attorney
  • Handle all filings and organize your inventory of assets and liabilities
  • Provide invaluable legal counsel for all portions of your divorce including child custody and child support
  • Navigate alternative dispute resolution and mediation processes to work toward a settlement agreement

A high-net-worth divorce requires the unique skills of a high-asset divorce lawyer. The team of experienced lawyers at Stewart Law Group provides the guidance and representation you need throughout all stages of the Arizona divorce process.

What Makes a High Net Worth Divorce Complicated?

Spouses with many assets, properties, and investments must take special consideration for asset division. Most divorcing spouses have a marital home, two cars, and retirement accounts to divide, but some spouses accumulate far more assets during the marriage as well as often coming into the marriage with substantial separate assets. If the spouses have a signed, enforceable prenuptial agreement, asset division is pre-arranged and much easier; however, many high-asset spouses do not have prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. In these cases, both spouses must make full financial disclosures and valuation of their properties and assets must occur before they can begin working toward a settlement agreement.

High net-worth divorces typically require many meetings between spouses and their attorneys to negotiate mutually agreeable terms. They may have mediation sessions with a professional mediator to provide workable solutions to disputes. If they cannot reach an agreement on one or more terms of the divorce, the case must go to court for a judge to decide.

If a high net worth divorce case goes to trial, your attorney from Stewart Law Group will present your case in court, assertively defend your rights, and safeguard your best interests to work toward your goals for the best possible outcome.

How Does Asset Division Work in Arizona?

Arizona’s divorce laws require spouses to divide their marital assets and debts in a way that either both parties agree is fair and equitable in a settlement agreement, or a judge decides is fair and equitable in divorce court if the spouses are unable to reach an agreement on one or more divorce terms. When spouses have significant assets, this becomes a more complex process. Under Arizona law, spouses may retain separate assets including:

  • All assets and properties they owned before their marriage
  • Any assets they inherited during the marriage
  • Any assets gifted to them alone during the marriage

Separate assets sometimes become commingled during marriage when one spouse grants the other spouse access to an account or one spouse invests time or money into making improvements on the other spouse’s real estate property, investments, or business. When commingling occurs, one spouse may have a right to their share of the increased value of the property. 

The marital assets subject to fair division include the following examples:

  • The marital home and all real estate properties purchased during the marriage such as vacation homes and rental properties
  • Vehicles, boats, and RVs
  • Businesses
  • Investment accounts
  • Retirement accounts
  • Intellectual property
  • Antiques, artwork, collectibles, and valuables
  • Houseware, furniture, and electronics

Because of commingling and other aspects of asset and debt division, high-net-worth divorces are more complicated than typical divorces in Arizona and require knowledgeable, experienced representation and access to the best possible resources for valuation.

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If you and your spouse have substantial, diverse assets and properties, you need a law firm with the experience and resources necessary to carry out a diligent valuation of assets and help work toward reasonable resolutions for any disputed terms. The Peoria divorce lawyers at Stewart Law Group are ready to take on your divorce case with your best interests as our highest priority. Contact Stewart Law Group today to set up a confidential consultation about your high net-worth divorce so we can begin a personalized strategy for your case.