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Child support is a crucial topic for many families in Arizona, affecting the financial well-being and overall stability of countless children and parents. As the financial security of your child is paramount, finding the right legal representation for your child support case is essential. For help, contact Stewart Law Group to schedule a consultation with a family attorney in Peoria.

Why Hire Stewart Law Group For a Child Support Case?

There are countless advantages of working with an experienced legal team, ensuring your family is appropriately taken care of in the years to come. You should work with Stewart Law Group for the following reasons:

  • Established Presence: Founded in 2004, Stewart Law Group has been serving clients across the greater Phoenix area for over 18 years.
  • Extensive Experience: With over 100 years of combined professional experience, the legal team at Stewart Law Group provides the edge our clients expect and deserve in both negotiation and litigation.
  • Tailored Representation: We provide client-focused representation that is carefully tailored to your specific legal needs. We leave no stone unturned when advocating for your family’s best interests.

How an Attorney Can Help You With Child Support

Finding an attorney experienced in Arizona family law is essential to help navigate the state-specific regulations and requirements for child support. A lawyer can help you in the following ways:

  • To help your child support case move forward efficiently, it’s vital to correctly draft, file, and serve child support papers. An experienced family law attorney will prepare and file all necessary documents and ensure they are served properly to avoid delays.
  • A lawyer will help you determine the appropriate amount of child support payments by accurately calculating both parents’ financial information. A Peoria alimony attorney can also help asses in alimony related legal cases.
  • If you need to modify an existing child support order due to changing financial or personal situations, your attorney will help you submit the necessary paperwork and represent your interests in court.
  • Unfortunately, some parents may try to avoid paying child support, putting undue financial strain on the other parent and the child. Your attorney will help enforce child support orders by initiating legal actions to ensure the other parent meets their financial obligations.

Court-Ordered Payments and Priorities

When dealing with child support payments, it’s crucial to be aware that court-ordered payments must be made before other debts. This means that if there are outstanding debts or obligations, child support is to be prioritized to ensure the well-being of the children involved. An alimony lawyer in Peoria

Not adhering to these priority payments may lead to enforcement action and potential legal consequences. If child support payments are not received or are inconsistent, the payee can consult with an attorney to pursue enforcement action. Various methods can be used to enforce payment, such as income withholding or seizing tax refunds.

Deductions for Parents With Other Child Support Obligations

In Arizona, if a parent is paying child support for a child from another relationship, this amount can be deducted from their income when calculating their obligation for another child. This deduction can be substantial for parents who are the sole financial providers for one of their children, lessening the financial burden to make the child support arrangement fair.

The court-ordered amount of child support for children of other relationships, if actually being paid, shall be deducted from the gross income of the parent paying that child support. Court-ordered arrearage payments shall not be included as an adjustment to gross income. “

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By working with an experienced lawyer who understands Arizona’s specific requirements, they can help you prioritize your child’s well-being and see that both parents contribute to their upbringing. For help contact Stewart Law Group to schedule a consultation with a Peoria divorce lawyer.