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Determining child custody, shared parenting time schedules, and child support are among the most emotionally fraught aspects of a divorce in Mesa and elsewhere. Though the division of marital assets can quickly become contentious, nothing is as important to divorcing spouses as their children. In the best-case scenario, parents agree to communicate and compromise on child custody and find a parenting time schedule that works for them. By following Arizona’s guidelines for calculating child support under the Income Shares Model, the process proceeds smoothly and spouses can avoid a contentious court battle. However, when spouses have differing ideas on child custody, the goals they seek for parenting time also change the amount of child support paid or which spouse pays the other.

All divorcing spouses should have skilled Mesa family attorneys during a divorce, but when deciding on child custody and child support are the top-most priorities in your case, you need an experienced child support lawyer in Mesa who understands all aspects of the state’s child support requirements and how they apply in your situation. Non-married spouses seeking child support or named in a child support case, or a parent seeking a modification of their existing child support orders also require the most experienced legal representation.

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Mesa Child Support Attorney

Why Choose Us for Your Child Support Attorneys in Mesa?

At Stewart Law Group, we are a results-oriented team of family lawyers who always first seek all means of reaching a mutually acceptable agreement but don’t hesitate to defend a client’s rights and best interests in court. Whether you are a divorcing parent seeking child support or facing child support orders, or you are an unmarried parent with matters of paternity and child support to bring before the court, you shouldn’t go it alone or choose just any divorce lawyer in Mesa. The attorneys at Stewart Law Group have a combined 100 years of experience in family law, including Arizona child support laws. We bring the following advantages to your case:

  • Transparent attorney costs so you’re never confronted with unexpected legal fees
  • Open and honest communication throughout the court process
  • Diligent filing of all legal documents and strong representation on your behalf in legal proceedings
  • An in-depth understanding of Arizona’s requirements and guidelines for child support so we easily navigate the system and provide transparency
  • Our Mesa divorce lawyers provide an in-depth understanding the child support obligation, enforcement measures, and penalties so there are no surprises as you move forward after the divorce

At Stewart Law Group, we understand the impact that child support has on a family as they transform one home into two. Arizona courts uphold the standard of making all decisions in the best interests of children and maintain that all parents have an obligation to provide support for their children.

Steps for Navigating Child Support in Mesa, Arizona

Before you head to settlement meetings, mediation, or court for your child support case in Mesa, it’s important to be well-prepared so you can navigate the process smoothly. Your attorney from Stewart Law Group will help you understand what to expect for each stage of the process, whether you’re a divorcing parent or a non-married parent. It’s important to do the following:

  • Gather all financial documents such as birth certificates, proof of income, and expenses, including childcare, schooling, and healthcare costs
  • Be well-prepared for all legal proceedings and put your best effort into staying engaged and proactive throughout the case
  • Speak to your attorney about any questions you have so you’re fully informed and knowledgeable about each step of the process
  • Remain open to communicating and compromising civilly with the other parent whenever possible and—like the courts— keep the best interests of your children as your highest priority throughout your child support case in Mesa

The court will review all relevant documents showing each parent’s gross income and expenses as well as their share of the marital assets in a divorce case before making a child support determination and court order.

How Is Mesa Child Support Calculated?

Arizona child support guideline uses the income shares approach to calculate child support based on each parent’s gross income and the number of overnight stays the children have with each parent per year. The court considers the following when calculating child support:

  • Each parent’s gross income
  • The number of children the couple shares and any children from other relationships
  • Costs of health insurance/dental insurance
  • Daycare expenses
  • Education costs
  • Ages of the children
  • Any special healthcare or educational needs of the children

The court retains the right to make adjustments to the amount of childcare determined by the state’s child support calculation formula under unique circumstances or if both parents agree to different arrangements.

What are Arizona’s Child Support Options?

Family Support Services in Arizona offers several ways for a paying parent to pay their court-ordered child support including:

  • Making payments online
  • Automatic paycheck deduction
  • Mailing payments
  • Payments by phone
  • Walk-in payments

Your Mesa child support lawyer from Stewart Law Group will advise you of your options.

How Is Child Support Enforced?

Arizona’s courts have a multitude of methods for enforcing child support payments from one parent to the other, including the following:

  • Garnishing wages
  • Intercepting lottery or gambling winnings
  • Intercepting tax returns
  • Placing liens on property
  • Seizing assets
  • License suspension
  • Passport denial
  • Negative credit bureau reporting
  • Contempt of court charges and arrest

Typically, an arrest is a last-ditch effort to enforce child support payments since the court understands that incarceration makes it more difficult for a parent to earn money to pay their back-owed child support.

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