ARS 25-803 Persons who may originate paternity proceedings

ARS 25-803 Persons who may originate paternity proceedings

A. Proceedings to establish the maternity or paternity of a child or children and to compel support under this article may be commenced by any of the following:

1. The mother.

2. The father.

3. The guardian, conservator or best friend of a child or children born out of wedlock.

4. A public welfare official or agency of the county where the child or children reside or may be found.

5. The state pursuant to section 25-509.

B. An adult may bring an action to establish the adult’s biological parent.

C. Any party to a proceeding under this article other than the state may request that legal decision-making and specific parenting time be determined as a part of the proceeding. When paternity is established the court may award legal decision-making and parenting time as provided in section 25-408. The attorney general or county attorney shall not seek or defend any ancillary matters such as legal decision-making or parenting time.

D. In any case in which paternity is established the parent with whom the child has resided for the greater part of the last six months shall have legal decision-making unless otherwise ordered by the court.

E. The services of the conciliation court may be used in regard to disputed matters of legal decision-making and parenting time.

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