ARS 25-403.06 Parental Access to Records | Arizona Family Law Statutes

ARS 25-403.06 Parental Access to Records

A. Unless otherwise provided by court order or law, on reasonable request both parents are entitled to have equal access to prescription medication, documents and other information concerning the child’s education and physical, mental, moral and emotional health including medical, school, police, court and other records directly from the custodian of the records or from the other parent.

B. A person who does not comply with a reasonable request shall reimburse the requesting parent for court costs and attorney fees incurred by that parent to force compliance with this section.

C. A parent with joint legal custody shall not designate one pharmacy in a single location as the only source of the child’s prescription medication without agreement of the other parent.

D. A parent who attempts to restrict the release of documents or information by the custodian or attempts to withhold prescription medication without a prior court order is subject to appropriate legal sanctions.

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