ARS 25-311 Jurisdiction | Arizona Family Law Statutes

ARS 25-311 Jurisdiction

A. The superior court is vested with original jurisdiction to hear and decide all matters arising pursuant to this chapter and pursuant to chapter 4, article 1 of this title.

B. A proceeding for dissolution of marriage or legal separation shall be entitled, “in re the marriage of _____________ and _______________.” A custody or support proceeding shall be entitled, “in re the (custody) (support) of _______________.”

C. The initial pleading in all proceedings under this chapter and under chapter 4, article 1 of this title shall be denominated a petition. A responsive pleading shall be denominated a response.

D. A decree of dissolution or of legal separation, if made, shall not be awarded to one of the parties but shall provide that it affects the status previously existing between the parties in the manner decreed.

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