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Post-Decree Modifications After Divorce

Modifying the Terms of Your Divorce Orders

No matter how hard you work to craft a settlement agreement or how hard you fight for a divorce decree that works in your favor, it is impossible to predict what life has in store for you in the months and years following your divorce. Things will change, and when they do, you can come to Stewart Law Group for help.

Our Phoenix divorce lawyers have more than 65 years of combined experience, and we know how to get results in the family law courts in Maricopa County. Whether the terms of your divorce no longer work for you or you were never satisfied with them to begin with, we want to help you petition for the modification that you need so that you are not forced to live with difficult court orders.

Modifying and Terminating Spousal Support & Child Support

Many of the clients who hire our services for post-decree modifications need to make changes to the terms of support, whether for spousal support, child support, or both. Perhaps you have been receiving support payments and now require a larger payment to provide for your children’s needs or maybe you have lost your job and your primary means of supporting yourself. On the other hand, you may have been ordered to pay support and need to have the payment amount reduced due to job loss or increased personal expenses. It is also possible to petition for a termination of support, such as if your spouse has remarried or if your child has emancipated. Whatever the situation, our firm can help you.

Child Custody & Visitation Modifications in Arizona

Another common type of modification for divorce terms has to do with the orders concerning child custody and visitation. If the parent who has custody plans to relocate more than 100 miles away or across state lines, he or she must first obtain a formal modification. Failure to do so could result in serious legal consequences. Modifications are also possible in cases where a non-custodial parent wants to petition for shared custody or when one parent’s concerns for the children’s safety motivate him or her to seek to have the other parent’s visitation rights reduced or eliminated.

Why Formal Modifications Are Necessary

Don’t rely on verbal or even written agreements concerning changes to the terms of your divorce orders. Without formal approval from the court, such agreements are not legally enforceable. If, for example, your spouse agrees to share custody but then later changes his or her mind, you will have no right to contest the decision. Furthermore, failure to abide by the terms of the court orders could expose you to consequences including an arrest for contempt of court.

Phoenix Divorce Modification Lawyer

Hire a Phoenix family law attorney from our firm to help you with the process of obtaining a legal modification to the orders applying to your case. We can seek to negotiate an agreement with your former spouse and then bring the agreement before a judge for approval. In the event that your ex-spouse refuses to cooperate, we can file an action in court and argue on your behalf. Contact us now to begin the process.