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Scott David Stewart

From the beginning, the Stewart Law Group has been exclusively focused on the client and his or her experience in handling complex legal matters that are often highly emotionally challenging. With a list of more than 1,000 satisfied...

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Amy Dohrendorf Picture

Amy Dohrendorf

For as long as she can remember, Amy Dohrendorf has wanted to be an attorney. During her childhood, she constantly engaged her parents in spirited debates over anything from current events to her curfew and why she shouldn't...

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Melissa Kleminski Bower

If you were to call Melissa "wonder woman," you wouldn't be far off the mark. She worked full time while attending the University of Denver Law School at night. This included a variety of jobs from front desk...

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Dianne Sullivan

A graduate of Arizona State University College of Law, Dianne earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences from Seton Hall University, where she graduated cum laude with a minor in Criminal Justice. She was a member...

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Robert Howard Picture

Robert C. Howard, Jr.

Attorneys aren’t always the brunt of the joke. Sometimes they’re the ones making the jokes. Case in point is attorney and stand-up comedian Robert C. Howard, Jr. (he goes by "Bob"), who won the Funniest Person in the...

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Carrie Cravatta Picture

Carrie Cravatta

Carrie grew up in a small town in Illinois, but gravitated towards the “big city” after high school for college and law school. That college was North Central College in Naperville, Illinois, where she obtained her Bachelor of...

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Kareen O’Brien Picture

Kareen O’Brien

If you were to ask her, Kareen would say her favorite part about her job as an attorney is being inside a courtroom. The courtroom is her second home and it’s where her clients say she is at...

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Jennifer Mihalovich Picture

Jennifer Mihalovich

Jennifer is known as someone who is “reliable as the sunrise.” She has spent 16 years working on child support matters with specialized expertise in interstate cases. Her caseload as Assistant Attorney General was huge with over 350...

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Fred Ruotolo

Associate attorney Fred Ruotolo is a Certified Family Law Specialist who has been practicing law in Arizona for decades. He joined our legal team in 2017 and works from the firm’s Phoenix office location. Having moved to Arizona...

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Colin Bell

Outgoing, funny, and always happy to lend a hand, Colin comes to us from western Canada and practices criminal law. After graduating from the University of Alberta (GO BEARS!!) where he played rugby and was active in the...

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