Glendale Father’s Rights Lawyer

Glendale Father’s Rights Attorney

Many fathers facing legal challenges in family court in Glendale anticipate that the courts always rule in favor of the mother. They worry that fathers are automatically relegated to the back burner for participating in the rearing of their children and that the courts will limit their parental role to visitation every other weekend and contributing only through hefty child support payments. Fortunately, these ideas are no longer the reality in Arizona family courts. The courts don’t favor mothers or fathers in Glendale child custody decisions or child support obligations. Instead, a judge’s decision in Arizona always prioritizes a child’s best interests. Still, it’s just as important for a father in a Glendale divorce or child custody case to have aggressive legal representation supporting their rights throughout the process as it is for a mother. 

The Glendale father’s rights attorneys at The Stewart Law Group are ready to carefully review the details of your case and fight for the best possible outcome. Call our Glendale law office today so we can begin a strategy for resolving your dispute with full protection for your rights and interests.

Glendale Father’s Rights Attorney

Why Choose Us for Your Father’s Rights Attorneys in Glendale?

We are the father’s rights lawyers in Glendale who are best suited to working on your case with a resolution-based approach to defend your interests with the least amount of contention possible, while we also work resolutely toward achieving the outcome you know is best for your child. The attorneys at Stewart Law Group will give your case significant advantages including the following:

  • Over 100 years of combined legal experience in Arizona family court cases with a strong track record of success
  • A powerful voice behind your custody case in Glendale as well as for child support disputes or requests for modification of existing orders
  • Individualized representation from a team of attorneys who strategize the best way forward in your case to advance your goals
  • A technologically advanced case management system to keep you fully engaged with the progress of your Glendale father’s rights case

At Stewart Law Group, we’re dedicated to the knowledge that fathers play a critical role in their children’s lives and that helping fathers is helping families.

How a Father’s Rights Attorney Can Help You

Arizona courts protect a child’s best interests while maintaining the ideal that continued close contact with both parents is in a child’s best interests. This premise is rebuttable, meaning either party in a custody dispute may present evidence demonstrating why a 50/50 shared parenting time schedule is not in a child’s best interests. 

Fathers deserve representation by an attorney dedicated to protecting and advancing a father’s rights in any child-centered court case. At the Glendale Father’s Rights Firm of Stewart Law Group, we’re ready to represent you in your legal matter through the following:

  • Clarifying Arizona’s complicated state statutes and the case law governing the rights of fathers in custody, visitation, and child support disputes
  • Providing legal counsel and guidance on how these laws impact your unique case
  • Using negotiation and mediation whenever possible to minimize contention with a resolution-based approach to family law matters
  • Work with you to implement solutions that protect your rights and your critical role as a father
  • Drafting out-of-court agreements between parents that are fair and enforceable
  • Representing you in court to present your case to the judge with powerful client advocacy strategies, persuasive arguments, and strong evidence so you can demonstrate why your desired outcome is in your child’s best interests

Our Glendale divorce lawyers help our clients understand all options available to them as fathers in a family court matter and provide guidance on the best way to move forward with open and honest communication on the strength of your case and the likelihood of a successful outcome.

What are the Biggest Challenges Father’s Face?

In some family law cases, mothers fail to respect a father’s rights to actively participate in their child’s lives in meaningful ways through continued close contact and decision-making. Despite the court’s stand against bias toward fathers, courts in Arizona aren’t always completely impartial. Unconscious bias may still be a challenge many fathers face. Other challenges commonly facing fathers in Glendale courts and throughout the state include those listed below and more.

Fathers Must Establish Paternity

Unlike mothers, fathers face challenges in questions of paternity. When a child is born to married parents, the court presumes the husband is the child’s father, giving him a parent’s full rights in Arizona. For unmarried parents, the mother naturally has full parental rights upon a child’s birth, but the father does not. An unmarried father must obtain parental rights through  the following two ways:

  • The mother can voluntarily acknowledge the father’s paternity
  • The father can prove paternity through a court-ordered paternity test

In some cases, mothers resist a father’s efforts to establish paternity and challenge the father’s rights to shared custody or to participate in decision-making for the child.

Mothers Sometimes Deny Father’s Rights

Even with court orders, some mothers do not believe a father has the same right to raise a child as they do and may continue to deny a father’s rights even after court decisions that are fair or favorable to fathers. Fathers may need representation by legal advocates dedicated to advancing a father’s rights through all legal avenues, including contempt charges for mothers who ignore court orders.

Some Fathers Face False Allegations

When resisting shared custody with a child’s father, some mothers make false allegations of abuse against their child’s father as a means of gaining an advantage in court. False accusations of child abuse, neglect, domestic violence in the home, addiction, and unfit parenting are not uncommon in Glendale child custody cases.

It’s a serious matter when a parent levels false charges of this nature against the other parent. Fathers in child custody cases in Glendale need attorneys to aggressively advocate for them against false accusations and hold accusers accountable.

Let Us Represent You in Your Child Custody Case in Glendale

At the Glendale father’s rights law group of Stewart Law, we’re ready to represent a father’s rights in cases such as:

  • Sole custody
  • Shared parenting time
  • Child support
  • Modification of existing orders for child custody or child support in Glendale

Call our Glendale family lawyers today so we can begin the strong strategy and client advocacy you deserve.