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Payable on Death (“POD”) attorneys in Phoenix at Stewart Law Group can answer all of your questions about a POD account and other estate planning concerns.

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Do You Need a Payable on Death Account?

Payable on Death, or POD accounts, make sense for many of our estate clients. But they are not for everyone. Your circumstances may not warrant the creation of a POD account. There is no single formula for estate planning and that is why the attorneys at Stewart Law Group will not impose a simple formula on your specific circumstances. Instead, we will take the time to carefully analyze your situation to determine the right path for you. If you should need a Payable on Death account attorney, we can assist in guiding you through the process.

There are a wide variety of reasons why a Payable On Death account may be appropriate for you. For instance, you may consider a POD if:

      • You are the primary source of income for your dependents
      • You want your beneficiaries to receive immediate financial support upon your death
      • Your job involves high-risk activities
      • You have stocks, bonds, business interests, or other investments you want your beneficiaries to access immediately upon your death
      • You wish to avoid probate

There are many other reasons why you may want to create a POD account or multiple such accounts.

Do I need a POD account?

 Regardless of your circumstances, contact the Payable on Death attorneys in Phoenix at the Stewart Law Group for advice and answers.

With a POD account, your named beneficiary will be able to access the account you have set up for them after your passing. You can have different beneficiaries for each of your POD accounts. If a payable on death account fits your circumstances, we can guide you through the process.

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Payable on Death Account Questions

Setting up a Payable on Death account at a bank near you is a fairly straightforward process in most circumstances. Your POD account may still be subject to certain fees and taxes depending on the arrangement you have made but your beneficiary should have near-instant access to the account.

Do I need a will?

Is a trust better than a POD account? In many cases, a trust may make more sense than a POD account. There are many reasons why a trust may be preferable to a POD account and, in some cases, having a trust and a Payable on Death account will be the right solution. Only until we provide a thorough analysis of your specific circumstances can we help you determine the right path.

While we have helped clients near Phoenix and throughout Arizona create their estate plans and have advised them on their Payable on Death account creation, we have also helped many family members who have been named beneficiaries. In addition, we have helped many family members who have questions about how their loved one’s estate plan was created. They may wonder why they were not named as beneficiaries. They may question if there was undue influence on their loved ones during the estate planning process or during POD account creation.

You may have questions about how the POD was created, why a particular beneficiary was named, and other pressing concerns. Call us regardless of the situation and we will provide candid legal advice.

Are You Looking for a Payable on Death Account Attorney Near Phoenix

At Stewart Law Group, we have extensive experience in both family law and estate planning law. Our Phoenix-based law firm serves clients throughout the valley and beyond. In nearly every section of the Phoenix-metro area, we have an office. We are conveniently located in just about every area of the valley. Furthermore, even if you reside outside of Arizona for part of the year, or you are a permanent resident in another state, if you have estate planning interests in the state of Arizona, contact our POD attorneys in Phoenix.

Whether a Payable on Death account is right for your circumstances or not, our attorneys will offer you options. Our lawyers have extensive experience in this area of law. By having an experienced attorney on your side, you may avoid unnecessary taxes, fees, and even estate probate.

Scottsdale Estate Planning

The legal strategy available to you will be based upon your individual circumstances. Our attorneys will provide a thorough analysis of your circumstances and offer you tailor-made legal guidance. You deserve attentive and individualized legal representation. Our POD attorneys in Phoenix are prepared to offer this type of representation. Our experience leads to your peace of mind.

Our Payable on Death account attorneys know the law, but we also know that estate planning issues, including issues related to payable on death accounts, have emotional weight as well. There may be long-standing family conflicts that come to the surface during estate planning issues. We understand.

We understand the law and we are meticulous, wise, and diligent attorneys. But we are also people. We know that our clients deserve our compassion and our willingness to understand their particular needs. Call us now to see how our approach to POD accounts and estate law may be the right approach for you.


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