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inheritance in Arizona, stewart law groupFor highly experienced Phoenix inheritance and estate planning attorneys, contact Stewart Law Group. Our focus is on family law and estate planning. For over a decade, Stewart Law Group has been guiding the people of Arizona through some of the most complex and emotionally sensitive legal challenges imaginable.

We are prepared to answer all of your questions related to inheritance and estate planning. After a thorough analysis of your situation, we will provide the legal guidance and assistance you need for peace of mind. For Phoenix inheritance and estate planning attorneys, call 602-548-3400 or complete the brief contact form. We are prepared to offer you legal guidance based upon decades of experience related to:

  • Estate planning, divorce and mixed families
  • Inheritance
  • Estate plan amendments

Our goal is to help ensure that your inheritance and estate plans are followed after you are deceased. Gain peace of mind by planning now for the inevitable.

At Stewart Law Group, we adhere to a client-focused approach. We know that inheritance and estate planning can be financially and legally complex. We also know sensitive emotions and family dynamics may be involved. This is why we take the time to listen to our clients and we do not simply apply a “one-size-fits-all” mentality to inheritance and estate planning cases.

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Estate Plan Now, Peace of Mind Forever

We are often asked, is there an estate planning template? No two estate plans are the same. This is why you need a legal team that will perform a careful and candid analysis of your particular situation and provide the guidance you need. When issues of inheritance are involved, there is no need to be uncertain about how your estate will be distributed. You deserve certainty as you plan your estate and designate inheritance.

Additionally, the Stewart Law Group has also assisted numerous clients who have questions about existing estate plans. For example, do recipients have to pay an inheritance or estate tax? Thankfully, in Arizona, there is no estate tax. But there are estate taxes in other states throughout America that could come into play if you plan to leave an inheritance to someone living in one of those states. We look at estate planning myths here.

If your parent, step-parent, spouse, or other family relation has an estate plan and you have questions or concerns about how it was created, if it is legally binding or you simply need help in analyzing it, we may be able to assist.

No matter the situation, we may be able to be of assistance. Of course, planning your estate as soon as possible is best because it offers many options for protecting your assets. However, no matter what stage of life you are in, if you have inheritance and estate planning questions, we have answers.

What Is An Inheritance?

Almost everyone has some idea of what an inheritance is. In the very simplest terms it is the assets that a person leaves behind when they die and bequeath to another person, often a family member but not always. Typically inheritances are thought to be large sums of cash but this is not always the case. An inheritance can include:

  • MoneyArizona Estate Planning
  • Stocks & Bonds
  • Property
  • Jewelry & other family heirlooms
  • Cars, Boats, or other Vehicles
  • Art
  • Antiques
  • And other tangible assets 

When a will has been probably drafted an inheritance lawyer will be able to execute the will and carry out the wishes of the deceased individual. The inheritance will then be handed down to the different beneficiaries fairly easy, unless someone contests the will. When this happens the matter will have to be taken to probate court to be settled.

When an individual dies without the presence of a will, inheritances can become quite complicated to sort out. When there is no clear plan for asset distribution the matter of disbursing the person’s estate will be sent to probate court. Once this happens it is in the court’s hands to determine how assets should be given to family members. Without a will, inheritances can take months or even years to be distributed. 

Important Things To Know About Inheritances

Arizona Estate Planning

When coming up with an estate plan with a trusted inheritance attorney in your area there are circumstances that need to be figured out when it comes to asset distribution. Perhaps your wish is to hand out large sums of money in installments to an individual rather than in one lump sum. Or maybe you want to make sure that a loved one such as a grandchild does not receive their inheritance until they reach a certain age. All of these specific desires can be included in a will. At Stewart Law Group one of our qualified inheritance lawyers will sit down with you to determine your exact needs and wishes and make sure that all of them are written into your will.

It is also important to understand that any amounts to be given to loved ones as an inheritance are determined after all debts have been cleared. The executor of the will is responsible to make sure all estate debts have been cleared before any assets are disbursed.

Contact an Experienced Arizona Estate Planning Attorney

Our Phoenix inheritance and estate planning attorneys have the resources, the experience and the dedication you deserve. Reach out to us for all of your inheritance and estate planning needs and we will be dedicated to your peace of mind.

Stewart Law Group will represent your best interest while also being completely transparent with you about your legal options. You deserve tailored representation that fits your specific needs. You also deserve open and clear communication with your legal team. Each estate plan is unique. At Stewart Law Group, we believe in explaining the complex legal issues and documents that may be involved in your inheritance and estate plan. Our Phoenix estate planning lawyers will make potentially complex legal issues easily accessible and clear to you. We will also develop an inheritance and estate plan with you to protect your legacy.Estate Planning in Arizona With Stewart Law Group

We have helped countless clients with their estate plans. Some of our clients have one child that they want to inherit their estate. Others have stepchildren, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and other family members they want to inherit portions of their assets and wealth. We are prepared for all scenarios no matter how simple or complex.

While we typically represent the estate planner—or principal—in these types of cases, we have also assisted children and other family members who have questions about their inheritance. Call us regarding the estate plan in question and we may be able to analyze the plan and provide advice and guidance. Because we have such a wealth of experience in estate planning and family law, we know these types of cases can be extremely complex both legally and emotionally. We are more than prepared to offer legal guidance in these situations.

Regardless of the situation, contact the Stewart Law Group if you need Phoenix inheritance and estate planning attorneys for peace of mind.


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