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Phoenix Estate Planning stewart law groupThe Attorneys at the Stewart Law Group are ready to help protect your legacy. For over a decade, the Stewart Law Group has represented thousands of clients throughout Arizona. Our focus is estate planning and family law and our attorneys are highly experienced and prepared for even the most complex scenarios including those related to living wills.

Your living will is designed to protect your wishes in the event you become incapacitated. Unlike a Last Will—which only takes effect after you are deceased—a living will can express your wishes and directions related to your finances, your medical care, and other vital aspects of your life while you are still living but unable to express your wishes.

To create a living will in Phoenix, Arizona or to get answers about an existing living will, call the attorneys at the Stewart Law Group: 602-548-3400.

Who Needs a Living Will in Arizona?

By having a living will, regardless of your age or health, you will gain peace of mind.

By creating a living will, you may be able to keep your family from being burdened with making difficult decisions on your behalf in the future. If you are incapacitated or unable to speak for yourself due to injury or illness, your family may be in an extremely emotional state of mind. They may also not know exactly what your wishes are, but they may still be forced to make difficult decisions on your behalf. A living will could be the answer.

Inevitably, we all must consider life’s most difficult outcomes. You may have already been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease and want to prepare for incapacitation and eventual medical treatment as a result. Or you may be healthy and illness-free. In any case, wouldn’t you like to be prepared with a living will?

When you contact Arizona living will attorneys at Stewart Law Group, we will offer guidance and answer your questions. While we do believe a living will and comprehensive estate plan are wise for everyone, we also understand that every circumstance is unique. Our approach to the law is to offer customized and personalized representation. This means we will never pressure you into a decision and we will take the time to listen to your concerns and your estate plan goals.

We will also provide insight and recommendations you may not have considered:

  • Creating an advance directive such as a durable power of attorney
  • Naming a healthcare agent
  • Establishing a trust
  • Developing a comprehensive estate plan
  • Amending an existing estate plan
  • Creating a will to address any directives you may have after you’re deceased.

Since we have such extensive experience with estate planning and family law, we are able to guide our clients through even the most complex and unique estate planning, healthcare and family law scenarios.

In many cases, we serve clients who are deeply emotional due to their loved one’s healthcare challenges. While our attorneys may not be able to assist directly with medical challenges, we can ease some of the legal challenges and financial uncertainty these challenges often create.  Gain peace of mind. Prepare for the future. Alleviate some of your anxiety. Call the team at the Stewart Law Group: 602-548-3400 or complete this brief form and we will reach out to you.

Contact the Stewart Law Group for legal support and individualized attention from highly experienced estate planning attorneys. Our law firm has the resources, the experience, and the dedication to personalized attention you deserve. With offices throughout Maricopa County and with thousands of satisfied clients throughout Arizona and beyond, we are confident that we can assist you.

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