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Creating a Will in Arizona

Creating a will is an important aspect of your estate plan. Whether you live part of the year in Arizona or you are a full-time resident of the Phoenix-area; whether or not you have vast wealth and a complex investment portfolio or your estate is quite modest, Stewart Law Group is on your side. Having a will that is right for your circumstances is vital.

An attorney at Stewart Law Group will take the time to listen and analyze and provide legal guidance that is based on experience. Our attorneys have the resources and the experience you need to have peace of mind related to your will. We know there is no short cut or formula for helping you create the will you need. You need attentive legal guidance that considers your estate planning vision.

Call Stewart Law Group to discuss creating a will in Arizona and receive the attentive and patient legal guidance your estate plan deserves: 602- 548-3400.

The importance of creating a will should not be underestimated. The attorney you turn to for help should take the time to understand your goals and address your concerns. While wills are quite commonplace, that does not mean they are simple.  You may need a will to ensure your property and assets are passed on to your loved ones or charities in the manner you wish after you are deceased. Working with an attorney who specializes in estates and wills can provide many legal and financial advantages that should be addressed.

Your will could end up being the basis for your entire estate plan. Your unique circumstance must be carefully analyzed to determine which type of will—or other estate planning possibilities—are best for you and your legacy.

Do You Have Questions about Creating Your Will?

Many people call our estate planning law firm to discuss creating their will. Some of the types of questions we respond to:

  • Do I need to appoint a personal representative to administer my will?
  • How will inheritance taxes impact my will and estate plan?
  • Do I need a will and also a Trust?
  • How does my will affect my Revocable Living Trust?
  • How long does the probate process take and what are the costs associated with probate?
  • To bequeath Arizona real estate to my heirs, do I need a Beneficiary Deed?
  • I have property and investments in multiple states and foreign countries, what should I do?
  • If I do not have a will how are my assets passed to my heirs?
  • What is the difference between a will and a living will?

The above represents only a small sample of the many questions for which we are prepared. Creating a will in Phoenix has many legal intricacies and your estate is unique. No matter how complex your situation, our Arizona estate planning law firm is ready to help and answer all of your questions.

Contact the Stewart Law Group for the experienced legal support you need. Our Phoenix-based law firm has the resources, the experience and the dedication to personalized attention you deserve. With offices throughout Maricopa County and with thousands of satisfied clients throughout Arizona and beyond, we are confident that we can assist you in creating a will that addresses all your needs.

You may be in the early stages of creating a will or you may need assistance in revising or even dissolving your extant will. In other cases, you may be an inheritor or personal representative (executor) of a will and may need assistance in the probate process.  We have thousands of clients and former clients throughout the valley and across the state. They have found the attentive and experienced legal guidance we offer exactly what they need. Creating a will can be complex, but you can have peace of mind with Stewart Law Group on your side.

Have peace of mind knowing that you have a will that is binding, detailed, and created with your long-term vision in mind. Call the Stewart Law Group: 602-548-3400.

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