Phoenix Special Needs Trust Attorneys

Contact the Phoenix special needs trust attorneys at the Stewart Law Group for all of your estate planning needs especially those that involve loved ones with special needs. For well over a decade, the Stewart Law Group has been one of the largest family law and estate planning law firms in Maricopa County, Arizona. We have the resources and the experience you can rely upon.

We understand that no two estate plans are the same. This is especially true when it comes to special needs trusts. The Phoenix special needs trust attorneys at the Stewart Law Group will take the time to listen to you so we have a clear understanding of your legal and financial needs and your loved one’s special needs. We will not impose a “one-size-fits-all” formula on your special needs trust. Instead, we will carefully analyze your circumstances and offer options.

For attentive and experienced Phoenix special needs trust attorneys, call 602-548-3400 or complete this brief contact form. Our attorneys will offer you personalized attention designed to give you peace of mind. We will ensure that your special needs trust—and your entire estate plan—is legally binding and will be adhered to. You have questions and concerns and we have answers and guidance. Contact us now.

Why a Special Needs Trust?

Like all aspects of an estate plan, a special needs trust requires diligent analysis of your particular situation. When you contact us for a consultation, we will begin assessing your circumstances and the particular requirements. Some of the questions we may ask include:

  • What type of benefits does your loved one already receive? Medicaid? Supplemental Security Income? Another type of public benefit?
  • Does your loved one require long-term or short-term medical assistance?
  • In the event of your death or incapacitation, who will be the trustee of the special needs trust?
  • What specific needs does your loved one have?

Consider that your loved one may need extensive medical care, but they may also have other needs to help them live a happy and healthy life such as entertainment, transportation, exercise and other stimulation. At the Stewart Law Group, we will analyze your situation and explain the requirements, restrictions and opportunities a special needs trust may afford you and your family.

In many instances, a special needs trust is designed to offer long-term support to someone with a disability. That individual is typically already receiving some type of publicly available support. A special needs trust must be crafted in a way that does not jeopardize qualification for that public assistance.

While having a Phoenix special needs trust attorney is not required for the creation of a special needs trust—or any trust for that matter—the legal complexities and financial stakes can be daunting for someone not familiar with these intricacies.

By having the experienced legal team from the Stewart Law Group on your side, you will gain peace of mind. You will also enjoy the convenience of having a law firm that has a presence throughout Maricopa County. From Gilbert to Glendale, we have offices throughout the Valley and can serve you wherever you are in Arizona or beyond. Call the Stewart Law Group for assistance with any aspect of your special needs trust:

  • You are the settlor creating the special needs trust on behalf of your loved one
  • You need to amend an existing special needs trust
  • As the trustee named in a special needs trust, you have questions about your responsibilities
  • You are the beneficiary of a special needs trust and have concerns related to the trust’s provisions

The special needs trust can be very specific about the type of care you want your loved ones to receive. However, there are multiple restrictions that make certain types of support unavailable. If the special needs trust is not crafted in an appropriate manner, the risk of losing public support is very real. Long-term medical care, therapy and accommodations for someone with a disability can be extremely expensive. Contact the Stewart Law Group so that we can protect your loved one’s long-term care and create a special needs trust that allows them access to the support they need.

Call the Phoenix special needs attorneys at the Stewart Law Group and ensure your peace of mind. No matter the complexity of your estate plan and your special needs trust, we have the resources to address your concerns and adapt to your circumstances. The sooner you contact us for legal guidance, the sooner you will gain the peace mind that only experienced lawyers can provide.

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