Experienced Arizona Pet Trust Lawyers

If you are seeking experienced Arizona pet trust lawyers, Stewart Law Group is prepared to help with all of your estate planning needs including the creation of a pet trust.

How will these members of your family receive care after your death? Who will feed, protect and support them if you are alive but incapacitated? The pet trust lawyers at the Stewart Law Group can help you create a pet trust so you have answers to these questions.

For well over a decade, the Arizona pet trust lawyers at the Stewart Law Group have been dedicated to wills, trusts, estate planning and family law. We understand that your pets are your family and they have unique needs. Your pet may need affection and assistance for many years after you are capable of providing them. Ensure that your loved ones receive the lifelong, high-quality care they deserve.

Call an Arizona pet trust lawyer at 602-548-3400 at the Stewart Law Group or complete this brief contact form. The Stewart Law Group team will offer you personalized attention designed to give you peace of mind. To ensure that your pet trust—and your entire estate plan—is legally binding and will be adhered to, there is no substitute for a consultation with experienced, knowledgeable and attentive attorneys.

Considerations for an Arizona Pet Trust

Like all aspects of an estate plan, a pet trust requires diligent analysis of your particular situation. The Stewart Law Group will not try to apply a “one-size-fits-all” approach to the creation of your pet trust. Instead, we will listen to your concerns and analyze your particular case. Some of the questions we may ask include:

  • Do your pets have any special medical or dietary needs?
  • Who will be the guardian or your pet(s)?
  • Do you have the appropriate funds necessary for the life-long care of your pet(s)?
  • Are the animals included as part of your estate’s assets? Horses and other animals may require a different arrangement to ensure they are cared for properly.

Like all trusts or estate plans that involve guardians and trustees, choosing the right person or entity to administer your trust is absolutely vital. The Stewart Law Group can help you make this vital decision as you plan your estate and ensure your pets’ secure and happy future.

While setting up a pet trust for your dog or cat may be your goal, you may also have concerns about your horse, bird or other animals in the event of your death or incapacitation. To provide for your animal’s care for ten or twenty years—or even more—may require considerable funds and detailed long-term planning. A secondary guardian may also be necessary to care for your animals if the animal thrives for many years and the primary guardian passes away.

Your intentions may be clear and quite simple when it comes to a pet trust. But to provide the legal and financial means necessary for a pet trust, there may be considerable complexity. By contacting the Stewart Law Group, you will have your questions answered and options thoroughly explored. Our job is to listen to your concerns and suggest solutions to even your most intricate estate plan needs. With the Stewart Law Group, you can rest with peace of mind.

At the Stewart Law Group, our Arizona pet trust lawyers understand estate planning requires diligence and attention to detail. We also understand there is more to estate planning than financial and legal intricacy. You have a vision for your estate plan, your legacy and the long-term care of your loved ones. We will take the time to understand that vision and those needs. Our attorneys and our entire legal team are dedicated to protecting your assets, your wealth and your most cherished relationships including the care of your pets.

We have the resources to address your concerns and adapt to your circumstances. We have offices throughout Maricopa County and are prepared to assist you no matter where you live in Arizona and even if you live outside the state. Many of our clients have legal, financial and familial connections within Arizona but do not reside full time in the state. No matter your situation, we can provide guidance for your estate planning needs.

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