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Trusts are, in short, an absolutely vital estate planning tool to be considered when creating an estate plan in Arizona. A trust allows you to protect your wealth after you are deceased and avoid the costly and complicated probate process.  This is especially true for individuals and families with substantial assets. While they can be extremely powerful, the creation of trusts in Arizona should be handled by an experienced Arizona law firm to ensure they are created on a strong foundation.

Stewart Law Group has decades of experience in estate planning, probate, wills, and more. Contact a Phoenix estate planning attorney near you who will take the time to truly listen to your needs and long-term vision of your asset allocation. Call the Stewart Law Group now at 602-548-3400.

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Create a Trust Suited to Your Needs

At Stewart Law Group, we will take the time to listen to your needs and analyze your situation. We have the extensive resources needed to perform a thorough analysis of your estate. We are dedicated to giving our clients the undivided attention they deserve.

By offering legal guidance that is tailor-made for each and every client, we have built a reputation throughout the Phoenix area and beyond. Our Arizona trusts law firm is dedicated to client satisfaction. We will never “force” a client into a decision. We take the time to analyze each individual circumstance, perform a thorough analysis of the facts, and offer our legal guidance that is based on decades of experience.

We know there is not a simple formula when it comes to the law. This is especially as you work on estate planning. Because every situation and circumstance requires a different response, we will ask a variety of questions to help you arrive at what makes sense for you. Some of the topics we will cover and questions we may ask related to trusts:

  • What is the complexity and scope of your estate? For instance: earnings, property, investments, holdings outside of Arizona?
  • Who will be your trustee? This person acts as the legal owner of the assets you’ve included, is tasked with handling any of the assets held in trust, making sure tax filings are complete and correct and distributing the assets according to the terms you set forth when you created it.
  • Are you familiar with revocable living trusts, irrevocable living trusts, charitable trusts, and/or special needs trusts? Your specific situation might call for one, or a combination of these different types – and you need someone who is well versed on all of them to help you plan your estate. Our revocable living trust attorneys are happy to answer any questions you may have on this.Arizona Trust Law Firm, Stewart Law Group
  • What are your intentions in creating a trust?  What are you trying to protect?
  • Do you have minor children or grandchildren you’d like to protect and provide for?
  • Do you have pets you want to be included?
  • Will your distributions be to individuals, charitable organizations, or both?

Our Arizona law firm can help you create, modify or dissolve your estate plan. Regardless of the situation you are in, we can help you find solutions. You may require some modifications or you may not have a trust in place yet. Your assets, your heirs, and the things you care about will receive the bounty of your legacy if you take the time to deliberately plan your estate.

Experienced Arizona Trusts and Estate Planning

We have thousands of clients throughout Arizona who have achieved the legal outcomes and peace of mind that comes only from working with experienced and dedicated lawyers. Whatever questions you may have about estate planning, Arizona’s Stewart Law Group has answers.

To provide the protection of your legacy that you deserve, consult with our Arizona law firm near you now. Call us directly at 602-548-3400.

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