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As a parent, you want to hold onto the positive lifestyle, fun outings, and family traditions you began pre-divorce. You want your children to grow up loving life experiences like strolling along at ArtWalk, enjoying the Scottsdale Arts District on a warm Spring evening; or visiting the Hays Family Spirit of the West Collection at the Museum of the West. Arizona child custody proceedings are your opportunity to make sure these opportunities are protected.  

What Should Your Parenting Plan Look Like?

scottsdale child custody lawyer

Naturally, you are concerned about doing what is best for your children during and after divorce proceedings. No one wants to end up in a custody battle. Parents need to maintain strong bonds with their children. To continue building trust and showing love to their children. So that even after the divorce they are able to thrive and reach their full potential. Your parenting custody plan is the guiding document for building a solid future with your children.

Our Scottsdale divorce attorneys are particularly attentive to the needs and best interests of children whose parents are separated. A comprehensive parenting plan is required in all cases of shared custody. Whether it be part of a divorce, legal separation, annulment, or following paternity establishment.

Create a Child-Focused Custody Plan

Child Custody Attorney Scottsdale Arizona

Making informed choices about legal decision-making authority and parenting time are essential for the best possible outcome in your custody case. For example, you may have a budding young artist in the family who is doing studio-level work at Scottsdale Artists’ School Youth Academy on Marshall Way. A key provision in the parenting plan could ensure your children are able to attend art classes; take music lessons, and participate in specialized programs that help them fully express their gifts. You want to do everything reasonably possible to ensure each of your children has the opportunity and resources available to benefit from community programs like these.

For many parties, forensic child custody evaluations assist parents and judges in determining what the children’s best interests truly are. Moms and Dads frequently agree on a particular evaluator based upon mental health expertise and credentials. If parents are not in unison, then each may hire an independent child custody evaluator. An experienced family law attorney near you will have worked with many child custody evaluators in the Valley, and can make recommendations.

Custody Determinations: Your Child Needs Both of You

Do you have a sports enthusiast growing up in the house? Then both mom and dad should have the opportunity to take their youngster to see the sports memorabilia housed at Fiesta Bowl Museum on the waterfront.

Applying fathers’ rights and weighing the evidence of Dad’s parenting skills, courts will award joint legal decision-making to fathers along with equal or majority parenting time. Even sole custody is possible in certain circumstances.

Family Court Has Continuing Jurisdiction Over Custody

To avoid emotionally draining custody battles, the court has continuing jurisdiction over child custody matters. Ordinarily, the family law judge will consider modifying custody orders after one year has passed with a substantial and continuing change of circumstances. However, modified custody orders may be sought any time there is an emergency or if the child’s environment could seriously endanger his or her emotional, mental, or physical health, safety or well-being.

What About Grandparents Rights in A Custody Case?

At Stewart Law Group, your experienced custody case law firm, we also assist grandparents needing legal representation to maintain relationships with their grandchildren. Along with step-parents and adults standing in loco parentis to a child; Arizona law allows for visitation orders in limited circumstances when in the child’s best interests. Talk to a caring custody attorney in the Scottsdale area who can help.

What Our Clients Have to Say:

“Highly experienced and efficient. I interviewed five lawyers before choosing Jennifer Mihalovich at the Stewart Law Group and was really happy with my decision. She was very experienced, knows custody/child support issues/processes very well, yet not too aggressive. That’s exactly what I needed – a good lawyer that knows what she is doing and makes good sense. Her paralegal Erica is also very efficient and responsive. I feel relieved having them by my side every step along this difficult journey. The Stewart Law Group has a standard operation process in place that I appreciated: regular check-in to make sure I am satisfied with the service; regular updates on my account balance; regular invoices showing details of the charges. Highly recommend!”

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January 17, 2020
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We Keep Our Clients Informed, Contact Our Scottsdale Office About Your Custody Case

With Stewart Law Group, you need never worry about being kept apprised of new developments in your custody case. We keep each of our clients informed on every discovery matter, every legal motion and hearing, every court proceeding, and every judicial ruling and decision. If trial is necessary, then we will prepare you for that, too. If you are dealing with custody proceedings, or simply have any questions about custody issues please don’t hesitate to contact our Scottsdale office. 480-425-1400