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Phoenix Estate Planning stewart law groupStewart Law Group can assist you in issues of guardianship and has offices throughout the valley of the sun. A guardian is someone appointed by the Court to make decisions concerning health and welfare for an incapacitated adult. Call us to get guidance and insight from an experienced Phoenix law firm near you. Because we have offices from Gilbert to Peoria and all points in between, we represent clients throughout Maricopa County and across all of Arizona.

No matter how complex your legal circumstances or how complicated your questions, we are more than prepared to help you with any of your questions about:

  • Appointing a guardian for yourself in case you are ever incapacitated
  • Becoming a guardian for your ill or incapacitated parent or other loved one
  • Naming a conservator rather than, or in addition to, a guardian

To make your choices and to ensure your wishes are followed, call 602-548-3400 or complete this brief form, and we -will begin analyzing your needs immediately.

Guardianship Law Can Be Complex

If the incapacitated individual—has not identified a guardian or conservator beforehand, the legal requirements can be extremely complicated.  If you think you or a loved one may be in this position at some point in time, taking the necessary legal steps now can save much stress and heartache later. You can also name a guardian for yourself or a loved one in your estate plan before you become incapacitated. 

In some cases, identifying who would handle an incapacitated individual’s wishes is quite simple. In most cases, a surviving spouse of sound mind will take care of decisions for their loved one.  If you’re already researching – the situation might be more complex than just making sure a spouse is appointed.  Your surviving parent might not be equipped to make those weighty decisions at this time. By being prepared for any eventuality – you’re ensuring a more positive outcome. 

The Stewart Law Group serves clients throughout Maricopa County and beyond with all of their estate plan and family law questions. Our attorneys have nearly a century of combined experience. Because we are so experienced and have vast resources, we can answer your questions with a variety of options tailored for your specific situation. Such cases often bridge the legal topics of family law and estate planning. These are the primary areas of law we practice at the Stewart Law Group.

Contesting a Guardian

In some circumstances, especially in states with a large percentage of elderly residents like Arizona, an adult may contest the decision to appoint a guardian for them. This can be an extremely emotional and complex situation but we are prepared. We bring sensitivity and emotional intelligence to every case we take. Our clients deserve dignity, patience and understanding. Our clients are, first and foremost, people. We handle all cases with sensitivity and diligence. Contested cases are instances in which this approach is vital.

Whether your case is extremely straight-forward and clear or you need a Phoenix guardianship law firm that can handle extremely complex circumstances, contact the Stewart Law Group.

No matter what your questions or concerns about guardianship in Phoenix are, we have answers. Whether you are in the midst of a situation that requires you to handle someone else’s wishes, or you are preparing for that possibility of needing a guardian for yourself or a loved one, call us now.

The time is now to consult with the Stewart Law Group to discuss your options and opportunities.

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