Phoenix Will and Trust Contest Lawyers

Phoenix Will and Trust contest lawyers at Stewart Law Group have the experience and the resources to assist you in even the most challenging estate plan dispute. The Will or Trust in question may have been amended outside the common norms or may have been manipulated. Our Phoenix Will and Trust contest lawyers will conduct a thorough examination of the estate plan and assist you with the many legal challenges you may be facing related to:

  • A Will in which you expected to be named as a beneficiary
  • A Will or Trust that was amended under questionable circumstances
  • A named trustee did not perform their responsibilities
  • The details of the Will or Trust are uncertain or unclear
  • The Probate process has uncovered disturbing facts about the estate plan

There are a wide variety of reasons why a Will or Trust may be contested. However, in many of these types of cases, the emotional tension is high. Stewart Law Group is one of the largest family law and estate planning practices in the Valley.

Our Phoenix Will and Trust contest lawyers will bring their experience, resources and compassion to your case regardless of the complexity or the stakes involved. Whether the estate in question has millions of dollars and extensive assets or the stakes are more modest, we understand all cases are critically important. For experienced Phoenix Will and Trust contest lawyers, call 602-548-3400 or complete the brief contact form.

Why You May Need Phoenix Will and Trust Contest Lawyers

You may need a Phoenix Will and Trust contest lawyer for a wide variety of reasons. There is no simple formula that can be applied to resolve these types of cases since the details and circumstances can vary so widely from family to family.

No matter the situation, however, we are on your side. Some of the many reasons you may need legal assistance regarding a Will or Trust contest involves undue influence by a child, sibling, relative or other person who may have manipulated or influenced the creation of the estate plan.

Another reason you may need Phoenix Will and Trust contest lawyers, is that the Will or Trust may involve no undue influence at all. Instead, the Will or Trust may be vague or leave extensive room for interpretation. There may also be concerns related to the mental fitness of the testator at the time the will was created.

While many issues related to Will and Trust contests can be solved with experienced legal guidance before they emerge, these types of contests are quite commonplace. We advise you to contact a skilled and experienced estate planning law firm as soon as you have questions about an estate plan. The earlier you get high-qualified legal guidance, the more likely you may be able to avoid further complexities in the future. But even if your situation has already become combative and litigious, contact the Stewart Law Group. No matter what stage your case is in, we may be able to help.

There may be serious questions about distribution of assets, wealth, or even pets, as well as other reasons why the Will or Trust must be questioned. At Stewart Law Group, we know there is not a single approach that will solve your estate planning dispute. This is why our Phoenix Will and Trust contest lawyers will take the time to provide a detailed analysis of your case and provide options that may be right for you.

Regardless of the side of the dispute you are on, contact the Stewart Law Group. Our Phoenix Will and Trust contest lawyers have extensive resources and experience with these legally, financially and emotionally complicated cases. With access to specialists and experts, we can call on the appropriate resources if an extensive investigation is necessary. The first step is contacting us so we can determine the facts of your case and offer legal guidance and peace of mind.

With Stewart Law Group on your side, you will have a legal team that puts your needs first. We will take the time to listen to your concerns and your desired outcome and create a plan for your best interests. We have law offices throughout Maricopa County and are available for consultations no matter where you are in Arizona or beyond. From Chandler to Peoria, we have offices throughout the Valley. Call 602-548-3400 now and get legal guidance from experience you can count on.

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