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Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

“Robert Howard is an outstanding attorney and asset to the Stewart Law Group. He and his team were always available, timely in their responses to my questions and very understanding of this difficult time in my life. Mr. Howard is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He proactively managed case details while always being mindful of the big picture and my future well being. With heartfelt gratitude, I commend Mr. Howard for his expert advocacy and I recommend him without hesitation.”
Robert Howard

“I had initially contacted Brian Winter to file for a divorce in January of 2016. My husband and I had reconciled and separated several times after that time and since we were unable to make it work, the divorce was finally filed with the court September of 2017. Brian was patient and kind, even though I was probably difficult and frustrating to work with at times. Brian and his team were excellent in navigating me through this difficult process and helping me keep my expectations with the outcome realistic and fair. I can't thank Brian enough for being there for me during this difficult time.”
Brian Winter

“I hired Ms. Jennifer Mihalovich as my attorney for a child custody / child support case that required expert legal navigation, 360-degree insights, invaluable experience and integrity. I received that and more from Ms. Mihalovich. She is timely, honest and reputable. Her wonderful support team of Jenna Erickson and Sondra Kirtley helped deliver a terrific client experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Jennifer Mihalovich and team from Stewart Law Group. Sincerely, Chris Tiernan”
Jennifer Mihalovich

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