Phoenix Estate Planning and Young Children

If you have questions about Phoenix estate planning and young children, you are likely a fairly young parent and you may not have an estate plan yet. You are doing the right thing by conducting research into an estate plan and young children. It’s important to be able to answer those difficult questions like ‘how to appoint a guardian for my child if I die?’ The time is now to consult with the Stewart Law Group to discuss your options and opportunities.

The Stewart Law Group is a highly experienced Phoenix law firm with a focus on family law and estate planning. We have multiple offices throughout the Phoenix area and we serve people from throughout the state and nation.

Our attorneys have decades of experience assisting members of the Phoenix metro area with their estate plans and their family law legal issues, including making a will for guardianship in the event of an untimely death. If you are the parent, grandparent or guardian of young children and you have questions about your existing estate plan or you are preparing to create an estate plan, we have the experience and resources you need on your side.

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Considerations with an Estate Plan and Young Children

Even if you are in good health and have no concerns about your mortality, plan now, especially if you have young or teenage children. While an estate plan with young or teenage children is similar to any other estate plan, there are particular considerations:

  • Do you have a will for child custody in the event of your death or incapacitation?
  • Do you need assistance in determining who would provide proper guardianship for your young child?Arizona Estate Planning
  • Are you divorced and the parent of young children?
  • Do any of your children have special needs?
  • Are you a single parent of young children?
  • Are you the grandparent or guardian of a young child?
  • How will your finances be transferred or secured for your child until they are of age?
  • Who will be the personal representative of your Will?
  • What are a grandparent’s rights after the death of a parent?
  • If you become incapacitated, who will facilitate the safekeeping of your finances, insurance policies, retirement accounts, property and other assets if you have a young child?

Experienced Phoenix Estate Planning Lawyers

The Stewart Law Group has enough experience to know this: the unexpected happens. There are many parts of life that are out of everyone’s control. An estate plan is not one of these. You do have control of how your child or children will be cared for after your death or incapacitation. You can control assigning custody in a will.

Even if your health is good and you live for many decades into the future, if you have young or teenage children, having an estate plan will provide you the peace of mind that you and they deserve.

Family Estate Planning Arizona

Because there is no “one-size-fits-all” strategy for estate planning with children in Phoenix, our attorneys will analyze your particular circumstance and listen to your needs. Our team has the legal experience and resources to address even the most complex estate planning scenarios. Whether you have vast wealth and assets or your estate is quite modest, we can help. And whether you have one young child or a dozen, we have the resources to craft the estate plan you need. Most of all, get the peace of mind that comes from consulting with experienced estate planning lawyers and securing a plan for tomorrow and beyond. The plan you establish today must be strong enough to sustain into the future.

We know that every estate plan is unique. Whether you are amending an existing estate plan with young children or you are starting from scratch, our law firm is on your side and has the resources you need to secure your estate and your peace of mind.


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