Legal trouble can be scary. The fact is, law enforcement isn’t above being wrong about your case. Being unjustly arrested or accused is more common than you might think. It’s not unheard of for law enforcement officers to manipulate evidence in their favor. As a private citizen, you don’t have the upper hand in the courtroom. Criminal Defense Attorney Scott Stewart and his team prioritize your needs as a defendant, giving you the best defense available. This highly educated and motivated team at the Stewart Law Group is committed to success, and can help you, regardless of the seriousness of your charges.

Scott Stewart and his team defend the accused in many kinds of criminal cases. The experienced and educated lawyers at the Stewart Law Group prioritize the rights of the defendant, protecting citizens from coercive conduct by the police. If you need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Phoenix, contact the Stewart Law Group today online or at 602-548-3400.

Why choose the Stewart Law Group?

By choosing the Stewart Law Group, you are making the best choice for your defense. Scott Stewart, as a seasoned former prosecutor, has solid experience understanding the strategies commonly taken by prosecutors and law enforcement, giving him a definite edge in preparing your defense. This allows him to plan ahead carefully with a clear knowledge of what happens on both sides of the courtroom.