When people get into trouble, they need help. If you or someone you care about is under police investigation, was arrested, or is charged with a crime in Arizona, then consult an experienced criminal attorney. And do so as quickly as possible. Delaying, not taking immediate control of your defense, can make matters far worse.

Charged with a Crime in Arizona

Whether charged with a federal crime, Criminal Defense Lawyer ArizonaDUI, driving on a suspended license, theft, passing a bad check, drug possession, domestic violence, felony assault, forgery, disorderly conduct, harassment, probation violation, or some other serious Arizona offense (including homicide), conviction can be both life-changing and lifestyle-threatening.

A criminal defense attorney who was previously a prosecutor, but is now a defense lawyer, can be your strongest advocate and most compelling negotiator. The importance of the plea negotiations phase of Arizona’s criminal process cannot be understated. A repeat offender, for instance, could come away from plea negotiations in much better shape with the benefit of attorney representation. When charges are not dismissed or a plea deal is not obtained with the State, an attorney should present a vigorous defense at trial.

Your case might already be headed toward trial. Or the sentencing hearing may already be scheduled. Although some things cannot be undone, it is never too late to consider obtaining legal representation. Bringing in your lawyer to mitigate consequences may be beneficial at any point in the case. When brought in after a conviction, the criminal defense lawyer can still work with the prosecution to reduce the sentence and to file a criminal appeal. The outcome could make a tremendous difference to you and to your loved ones.

Direct Consequences and Collateral Consequences of Conviction

Many people are wholly unaware of, and totally unprepared for, the sentencing aspect of conviction. The direct consequences of criminal conviction could include a combination of penalties: incarceration, community service, supervised probation, fines and court costs, restitution to the victim, installation of an ignition interlock device in the vehicle, and more.

Both misdemeanor and felony convictions have collateral consequences, too, with felonies generally resulting in more extensive ones. Depending upon the offense, what follows is the possible collateral fall-out of conviction:

  • Felony conviction could motivate a spouse to file for divorce. And it is grounds for divorce from a covenant marriage. ARS § 25-903(2).
  • Misdemeanor or felony convictions can result in restrictions on adoption, child custody (parenting time and legal decision-making), and the exercise of parental rights. See ARS § 25-403.05(1).
  • Criminal Attorney Arizona
  • Felony conviction disenfranchises the citizen of the right to vote.
  • Felons are disqualified from serving on a jury.
  • Adds restrictions to student loans.
  • May prohibit holding public office.
  • The right to own, possess, or carry a firearm may be take away.
  • Eliminates eligibility from many occupations, trades, and businesses.
  • Prevents a contractor from doing business with government.
  • Places restrictions on welfare eligibility.
  • Results in revoked or suspended driver’s license.
  • Disqualifies the person from obtaining or maintaining a professional license.
  • Requires sex offender registration for certain crimes. ARS § 13-3821.

The direct consequences of conviction may include conditional release from jail or prison, as with probation. ARS § 13-901. But the collateral consequences of conviction are capable of derailing a person’s career and ruining personal relationships long after the sentence was served. Do not take unnecessary chances with your freedom and future when there is help available now.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Arizona

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