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by Brian Kovach
Jennifer Mihalovich

I Can't give enough praise to the legal representation that I received from the Stewart Law Group in particular Jennifer Mihalovich. After more than 15 years of procrastination/neglect in dealing with a child support issue I decided to seek resolve and scheduled an appointment for a consultation in August of 2017. It took only one hour for Jennifer to convince me that I'd be in capable hands. Her background regarding child support issues matched up perfectly with my needs. Jennifer is extremely intuitive. I gave her the broad strokes regarding my interests and concerns which she seemingly already understood. Her representation proved to be effective and satisfying. Jennifer and Jenna were always responsive, engaged and concerned (I'd even get emails on weekends regarding progress in my case). Inside of 4 months they helped me find closure on something that has antagonized me for years. Jennifer Mihalovich and the Stewart Law Group could be defined as nothing less than consummate professionals. Thanks for helping me set that burden down.

by William Burgess
Stewart Law Group;

In early 2017 I was having a living trust put together by another law firm specializing in trusts. During that work the trust attorney told me I needed to get a financial situation with my ex-wife finalized before the living trust could be completed. I asked the trust attorney if she had a recommendation for an attorney in family law, she said she had worked with a number of family law attorneys and that Fred Ruotolo with the Stewart Law Group was the one she would recommend because she had gotten excellent feedback time after time regarding Fred.I hired Fred. We discussed what I was willing to settle monetarily for with my ex-wife. Within 2 weeks she had signed off on an agreement that was fully 25% below what I was willing to write a check for. Fred did a wonderful job. I not only had Fred's email address but I also had his direct office line and his cell phone number. I never had a problem reaching Fred or his assistant Erica.I am very happy my trust attorney was familiar with Fred.

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